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Cheteshwar Pujara is a Long term Investment

Cheteshwar Pujara is a Long term Investment Modern day’s psychology – The investment horizon mostly in drowning side. While I am asking someone about the investment period, then the words of their strategy mostly uncertain able. And the answer from them for the long term investment period is around 6 months – 1 Year. I could not understand how you could tell the long term horizon around 6 months – 1 Year ? Is it the 6 months / 1 year a long term period  ? Is this period  helpful for your financial goal planning like Education, Marriage or Retirement ? Even for the short term needs like creating emergency fund, buying a car or planning a Tour / Travel, we cannot achieve the amount what we need. But, Everyone has a same word, ‘I m going to book a Profit and not believing for the future’ ‘Book a profit is not a thing, but for the capital itself important’ Looking for the Long term: Long term investment needs patience. Not just a word, ‘Patience’.  With Art of Gratification ! The Art of G

Need vs Want Behaviour

Need vs Want Behaviour How you desire / want your Goals ? Education / Profession / Business what we always like to do Beautiful Home High tech Car Foreign Tour (Travel) Luxurious Wedding Giving Treat to friends (Share your joy) Earn Millions of Millions (More Money) Nothing to desire :) What is your Needs (Basic Requirements) ? Nutritious Food, Climate Condition based Home and Life Style (Clothing) Hygienic and Good Medicine Clean Air for Better Breathing Get Education to improve the knowledge and the better life To meet the future needs of the financial / income (like Child care, Education, Marriage Expenses, Retirement) How do you Decide ? (Decision Making) Need a Healthy Food / Beauty and Enhanced Fast, Packed Food ? Living with your partner with love / Just a Luxurious Marriage Party ? Spend time to playing with your kids / Giving away items(Toys,Tech Products) what they want to buy and you look like that you have no time to spend wit

Take a step to Risk (Risk and Safety Margin)

Take a step to Risk (Risk and Safety  Margin) For many people, Risk refers to like eating a ‘Rusk’.  But, it is not a eatable item. Then, how many of us are like to take the ‘Risk’ ? Risk – Exposure to Danger or Hazard In Financial(Investment) terms, Risk is a deviation between the actual and the expected returns . Risk has two faces, as it have Positive and Negative. Without any risk, the investment of money can gives the return of ‘Null’ or a little bit like positive. If we dare to act, then we get better Profits (Positive) and Losses(Negative) in many cases J  This is the case for so many of us, not willing to take risk or take risk without aware. Is it good, for not taking Risk ?   Is really, Risk less investments are protecting our wealth /Future Daily expenses ?   Absolutely not ! Then, how we at Risk ? Getting down in the river without knowing how to swim or Not aware about the depth of the river even   Swimming.   Riding rude in National Highways or not knowing how to ta