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5 Quick Things to do in the Market Crash - 2020

5 Quick Things to do in the Market Crash - 2020 The Global Stock Market has risen rapidly from the Crash of March 2020. At the same time, the big question is whether the recessionary economy would recover faster. Most of the Listed Companies in India have reported their Q4FY20 earnings in the past two months. So, they are prepared to declare the Q1FY21 - quarterly results from the next month. While the Market predicted the economic downturn in advance and it was reacted before the Covid-19 Lock down. However the real Economic numbers are likely to come only on July and August 2020. Due to the Lengthy lock down, the Country's GDP could contract some and may be more. Inflation, Economic Growth - GDP, Industrial Production and Trade and Fiscal Deficit numbers would impact in the FY2020-21. The above said will drive the market in the upcoming weeks. Moreover the Global factors are also in the offing. However as a result of Optimism in the Market, it is mounting artificially. The real n

6 Key Points to be a learner on Personal Finance

6 Key Points to be a learner on Personal Finance The essential necessity of a human being is the one thing that we all know - Food, Clothing and Shelter. In the Modern age, the Basic Education and the Financial Security will be added as, 'Needs'. But we are leaving behind Financial Security and buying countless products and services without any need. When an individual is going to buy any Financial Products, one should be aware whether it is needful or not. Without knowledge of buying the above said things, it would trap into the unnecessary financial trouble. Therefore, one should aim to use every possible thing that you need or buy the required thing. That being said, there are six things that can be learned as a basic on Personal Finance, Understanding the difference  between Savings & Investment Inflation Financial Planning and it's Goals Delayed Gratification The Power of Compounding (School Mathematics) Think Investment like your own Business Our

A Short Story. Key Points. Wealth Destroyer - Stocks

A Short Story. Key Points. Wealth Destroyer - Stocks We have heard you say that you can become a billionaire if you buy some shares in a XYZ Company in the Stock Market. Some say that if you invested Rs. 1 Lakh in this particular stock 20 years ago, now it would be worth Few Crore rupees today. It is only by investing in the stock market that businesses and shareholders can make good returns in the long run. At the same time, one may loose their entire wealth through stocks. There are many stocks like that caused such investment losses. Here's a look at their stories. The Beauty of Short Stories are phenomenal. When it comes to Short stories on the learning about Stocks, it's character can make an investor for a Deep reading. We are going to narrate about a particular stock which provided more than 60 Percent from the March 2020 lows. It is currently trading in the Indian Equity Market, So no issue. At the end of this story, you will know the name of the Stock. The Company w

Top 3 Global Funds to invest - 2020

Top 3 Global Funds to invest - 2020 Investors in the stock market should understand the risk and invest only their Surplus money. Avoid the Speculation and Gambling on Trade is important. Those who have Financial goals can make a good return in the long term through SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) investing which is available in Mutual Funds. It is better to avoid the Direct Equity exposure for the Financial Goals and stick with the Funds in the long run. On the Other hand, Direct Equity is good for building the Wealth. So, don't test with the penny stocks for your goals. One can't become quick rich through stocks, as it takes time to compound and make to create the Real Wealth. Interest rates in banks have been declining over the past few years. There are two reason for this - Inflation and Economic Growth. Interest rates are generally lower in Developing and Advanced Economies. In the future, the interest rates available for Bank Deposits will not be high or more than inflati

Singapore tops the list in World Competitive Ranking 2020

Singapore tops the list in World Competitive Ranking 2020 The International Institute for Management Development(IMD), Switzerland operates a Business Education School and publishes about the World Competitiveness Ranking based on Economy globally. The Ranking list would be published every year by the IMD and currently the Ranking for the year 2020 was released. Singapore retained it's last year ranking and Ranked as No.1 for the current year 2020. In 2019, Hong Kong and USA were stood at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. The Ranking would be decide and based on Four Parameters - Economic Performance, Government Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Infrastructure. For the 2020, Denmark is in Second rank and Switzerland at third globally. Netherlands and Hong Kong were at Fourth and Fifth Ranking respectively. Sweden was moved to 6th Position. Norway, Canada and UAE were the 7, 8 and 9th Place. It is worth noting that the USA, which ranks third in the World Competitiveness Ranking 2

Net loss of Rs.9894 Crore in Q4FY20 results - Tata Motors

Net loss of Rs.9894 Crore in Q4FY20 results - Tata Motors The Largest automotive company in the country, Tata Motors which is a part of Tata Group. The Total assets for Tata Motors have around Rs. 3.07 Lakh Crore and there are 82,800 employees serving in the Company. Established in the year 1945, it is one of the world's Top 500 Companies list. The Company is primarily engaging in the Manufacturing and Sales of Locomotives, Trucks, Vans, Bus Coaches, Four wheeler, Construction equipment and Military Vehicles. It is said to be a Market Leader in the Indian Automotive Industry. Post acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in the year 2008, the Tata Motors company had many challenges globally. Due to Policy changes in several countries, the JLR sales were hurt significantly. While the Domestic Sales for the Tata Motors had at good, but the Jaguar and Land Rover is losing. Tata Motors is seen as a Major Player in the EV segment in India, the company is also busy in its R & D. At the

No Interest rate Hike - US Fed Policy - Recession 2020

No Interest rate Hike - US Fed Policy - Recession 2020 The Economy of the Super Power United States is about USD 21 Plus Trillion. It is said to be 1.5 Times than China and about 7.5 times the GDP of India. Most Advanced and Emerging economies in the world are affected severely by the Covid-19. United States is the most affected nation by the Coronavirus Pandemic - The number of infected cases and death are high. As a result, the Lock down was happened in the March and April 2020 and then the corresponding economic decline in the Country are high. Most of the Developed nations have confirmed the economic downturn - Recession 2020. The US officially announced it's recession from the month of February in their country. Due to that, there is a consistent measures are being taken to stimulate the Economy. This was followed by a massive package of USD 2 Trillion on Economic Stimulus. They also provided like a direct benefit of USD 1000 per month per Head. It is also said that there will

Unemployment Rate in India to 23.50 Percent in May 2020

Unemployment Rate in India to 23.50 Percent in May 2020 India's Unemployment Data has being released on behalf of the CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). The Nationwide lock down was imposed on 24th March, 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19. Many have lost their jobs because of this and it is being noted as a Recession Times. Especially, there is unaccounted numbers on Workers in the Unorganized Sector will greatly affect the economy of the country. The aforementioned monitoring centre will only take into account the number of workers in the Organized Sector. The Unemployment rate which was 8.75 Percent at the end of March 2020, reached it's peak level of 23.52 Percent in the month of April 2020 - A Complete Lock down was there. The Majority of small and marginal businesses are left without jobs, as migrants seek their home state for their livelihood. India's Unemployment rate is also rising by the end of May 2020. The Unemployment rate was reported at 23.48 Percen

FII and DII Trading activity – May 2020

FII and DII Trading activity – May 2020 Most indices of the World Stock Market were up in April and May 2020, after the Biggest crash happened in the month of March. One can ask how the Stock Market is booming so rapidly in this current Economy. Yes, it's absolutely a Recession Period. If we look at the history of the World Markets in the Past, there has not been much investment inflows. And there is no other Government raised its debt to stimulate the Economy before 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Now, every country is looking to stimulate with a Huge Debt or Cash. Developed nations are interested to print more money (Risk is there) to promote their Country's economy. These are the positive things for the Stock Market. However the current boom is said to be a Bear Market Rally. Even if the Stock Market beats it's life time high in the near term, the Real Economy takes time from months to years to recover from the Current downturn. Currently, the Unemployment rate has increas

India's Automobiles Sales Data in May 2020

India's Automobiles Sales Data in May 2020 The Lock down was imposed through out the Country last April as a result of Coronavirus Impact (Covid-19). The Sales and Earnings are not favorable for the Auto sector and this industry have been hit by a year and a half. The Leading companies in this sector were unable to sold even a Single Vehicle in the month of April. However the Lock down has been relaxed in the month of May. The Curfew eased slightly after the second week of May 2020. As a result, Manufacturing and Service Companies were allowed to run their business with certain restrictions. Last month, Maruti Suzuki sold about 18,539 Vehicles. Of these, 13,888 were local sales and 4,651 were exported. The total number of vehicles sold in May 2019 was 1,34,640. So for the May 2020, the Vehicle sales were down by 86 Percent as compared to the past for Maruti Suzuki. Mahindra & Mahindra has sold about 9,560 Vehicles in the month of May 2020. There were 9,076 vehicles sold domesti