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Five Financial Wheels to enrich your life

Five Financial Wheels to enrich your life On Personal Finance, one can seek the advice of others and can get the help of Financial Advisors. But, we ourselves only know the real Financial needs. Financial Planning is not as difficult as we think, nor is it for Rich People. Decision making is the important one, while playing in the thing of Personal Finance. Many of us who are not even able to complete their School education, are becoming Good businessmen and getting Financial Independence. No one has taught them to become Rich, the decision on Financial Planning made them like Rich. Spending habit is the key factor when it comes to Financial Independence. These Five amazing Financial wheels that anyone can familiar with, to enrich the present life. Budget Planning Financial Goal Planning Investment Planning Retirement Planning Estate Planning You can call and read it as, B-FIRE stands by the first letter. It is advisable to keep the Budget Planning for the Individual and Family on a da

Set your own Budget Planning

Set your own Budget Planning   Hi, welcome to - "How is my Budget Planning today ? " We all have a Budget or may not :)  But, we have an expense and less over savings or investing. We often like to watch the Government's Union Budget and finding the pros and cons for ourselves. If someone asking you, what's your budget planning today ? Then, it seems a different for us, even we ask ourselves. How many of us have a personal budget planning today ? A Question with triumph ! Of course, most of us don't have the plan to initiate for the Personal opinion, on Budget Planning and also we haven't experience that on results. We are always discussing or gossiping about the Government's fiscal deficit and how we can see our self debt on finance ? Self Financial analysis also an important one and it should be primary than any other, to make Financial planning and be Financially free.   Why i need Budget Planning ?   Track our Daily Income / Expense . Track our N

How to set a simple Budget Planning 2017

How to set  a simple Budget Planning 2017 ?: Budget is a term which referred to, ' A Sum of money allocated for a particular purpose  '. Annual Budget of a Government every year is an exciting one for everyone, but it's a Pokey (Laggard) one for announcing their own personal budget. Before making (or) set a Budget plan, we have to understand why we need a Budget (or) Budget Planning ? 'Budget' allowing us to create a Plan for Spending of our money and also it helps to ensure that we have a enough money for the things we need .   A personal budget   is a finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment.   Investopedia also refers the following 6 Reasons, why we need a Budget:    It helps you keep your eye on the prize. It ensures you don't spend money that you don't have. It leads to a happy retirement. It helps you prepare for emergencies. It sheds light on bad spending habits. It's better