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Again it's an alert - Stock Market is a Business

  Again it's an alert - Stock Market is a Business   The Stock Market is not a place to Speculate and the stocks are not just numbers on Paper ! They are the value of a Business. We have the idea that if we buy or sell a share of the Stock Market that is all. But keep in mind that there is an industry behind it. Like how we are buying tomatoes and potatoes in the Vegetable market, we can see lot of things it are industry dependent.  Things like Agricultural land, Farmer, Cultivation, Labour cost, From Cropping to Harvest, then Harvest to Storage, Transportation, Pricing and Profits, more than Value added products are industry based. The same would reflected in the Stock Market for the stocks. This is the value what the world's Richest man and Value Investor Warren Buffett says,   “ I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and I am a better businessman because I am an investor.”  Generally, the value of a company or business is in its ability to generate revenue. 

Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading

Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading In a Day Trading, Time and Discipline is essential for everyone. There are different kind of policies followed by the Day Trader in the Stock Market. Those policies may differ from the others. Even, if we say that we can make big money in the Intra day or Day Trade, the chance of loss or risk is very high. That is why the traders can succeed by cutting losses as much as they can book profits. While the policies, strategies of the Day traders we say differ. But there are some general factors that are seen below will make a Day Trader compatible with the trend of the stock market. This image chart is not mine. Some time ago, one of my friend shared this with me on Social Network. But, i think that each of these things will be helpful for everyone who trades in the stock market. Before you entering into the market in a particular day, make sure about the Trend of the market. Read the news about the global market, domestic noise and then f