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How to develop new ideas for your business ?

How to develop new ideas for your business ?   An Idea is the seed of everything, as we are living in a not only in the technology world. But we are in the worth of ideas like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistant, Robotics and finally we are here with Automation now. Everyone needs an idea is the reason to start their business or just startup. However, Idea is a Psychological one and it's a mental representation consists of different objects. An Idea is also derived from the dreams you had. Still, a person finds a stage that how i have to develop these ideas for the business. Let's see how it comes here.   Developing of New Ideas: Take a Shower bath and be ready with a note book Write down your ideas (Not only Business) whatever you feel or think or like . You should take time to note your ideas and a crucial one. Take a Screening process with Macro and Micro scenario. One needs to check their new ideas with macro and micro elements, so that you may need for the raw mate