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Will the Budget 2019 be the favorite day of the Indian Stock Market ?

Will the Budget 2019 be the favorite day of the Indian Stock Market ? The Budget to be held tomorrow (1st February, 2019) may not an Annual budget, it would be interim budget. The Government's Budget in a country is gaining importance among the people, not only for the Financial Markets. There are lot of interests and expectations about the budget that if any other concessions, policies and other financial aspects by each of us. The Budget for a country will be similar, like the budget we are making in our family. So, we cannot just let this be the budget for the Government, It's everyone's Financial Budget. This system will be beneficial for us to see how the current government has budgeted its Income and expenses in the past and for the upcoming days. Two decades ago, usually the budget file will be published in the evening of the day. But over the past periods, it was changed to announce in the first week of February and in the morning time. So, it will help us to find a

The Four Pillars of the effective Investing

The Four Pillars for the effective Investing Everyone is looking for a new investment opportunity by everyday. There are so many investment opportunities available, but not all investments are the same. Some investment products are less expensive, few are risk free and some may not yield the expected returns. As for the Investment equipment, most are determined by the mindset or behavior of the investor. Although some global investments available today, it simply varies from the mindset of every investor. Some people are choosing their investment avenues without knowing the risk factor on its investment. Some may miss the prospect of a better returns, despite the possibility of taking a Risk. This post will be for everyone who is looking for an investment opportunities with a different side. Whether you are looking for any investment opportunity or deciding on investment tools, here is a good thing for you. I am not come here to tell you about the income or returns you expect. But, it&

Stock Market Performance in India - Since 2010

Stock Market Performance in India - Since 2010 The Indian economy has a rapid growth in the developing nations. While the Indian Stock market has been seen as fluctuating over the last ten years, still it has long been a better development and a good market. If we take the Stock Market in India since 2010, the CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) are higher than the bank deposit rates. In the upcoming years, the stock indices are more depend on the listed Companies' revenue. As we have already seen, although the Indian Stock market did not get much returns in the past year 2018, but the market has not fallen as compared to other markets globally. Last year, the Indian stock market ended in a green signal, as the US Market, China, London Exchange and Japanese indices were ended with a Negative return. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex gained 8 percent and the National Exchange NSE - Nifty50 at 9 percent, while measuring up from the year 2010 - 2018. Since 2010, the Sensex was failed in

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018 It's my new Stock portfolio, i am posting here after quitting my regular job. After that I started to invest a little bit more aggressively. Prior to this, I had a long term strategy, and now i have invested in the stock market for my short term needs too. I did not recommend this initiative, what i am doing now. Everyone should try to see the Stock market as a long term investment. So, it will take care of you for the long life. Those with a short term goals or needs, they may choose mutual funds. Tata Motors standing position in my Stock portfolio, is still making a difference on my capital and as well as on Return on Investment(ROI). Now, the ROI for the Tata Motors for me is at (-40) percent . The Slowdown in sales combined with JLR has reduced the net profit. However it looks as if JLR and other business of Tata Motors are looking different, then it will be good on that scenario. In the last year 2018, the Stock market hadn'

Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading

Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading In a Day Trading, Time and Discipline is essential for everyone. There are different kind of policies followed by the Day Trader in the Stock Market. Those policies may differ from the others. Even, if we say that we can make big money in the Intra day or Day Trade, the chance of loss or risk is very high. That is why the traders can succeed by cutting losses as much as they can book profits. While the policies, strategies of the Day traders we say differ. But there are some general factors that are seen below will make a Day Trader compatible with the trend of the stock market. This image chart is not mine. Some time ago, one of my friend shared this with me on Social Network. But, i think that each of these things will be helpful for everyone who trades in the stock market. Before you entering into the market in a particular day, make sure about the Trend of the market. Read the news about the global market, domestic noise and then f

8 Powerful tracks for the Fast Financial Freedom

8 Powerful tracks for the Fast Financial Freedom In the Modern world today, the need for economic life or money is a basic necessity. Although we may not need more money, but the growth on economy and its based on industry, increase the need of Money. We can say that live with money or without money. You can do whatever like it, but the basic needs of economy is the first thing than anyone. You cannot just hate it. Many of us are mortgaging their lives for the Economic need. What is the need for money, for which is the joy of going back to money for a lifetime ? We have the benefits of the Money that we have earned only if you have the time to spend it in an effective way. Nowadays, some of the friends were really looking for the F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early). While we can say the possibility of achieving FIRE is limited, but such thoughts are  a healthy one, so that they can make a proper financial goals. In the early decade, the people who hates (not aware) the Comput

IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2018

IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2018 The Second Wednesday of this month (09-01-2019), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) declared its annual report for the year 2018 (2017-18) in the official website. Again the LIC India (Life Insurance Corporation of India) leads in the top on Individual Death Claim Settlement section. The Only Public Life Insurance and the largest insurance company in India is LIC India, it has an estimated asset value of more than US$ 350 Billion. LIC India had a value of 98.04 Percent in the Individual Death Claim Settlement Ratio. From the all private insurance companies, the individual death claim settlement ratio stood at 95.24 percent. The Total Insurance rate for all insurers is 97.68 percent on Claim Settlement. LIC Stands with a net profit of Rs. 2446 Crore in the year of 2017-18. Previously it was seen in the year 2016-17, with net profit of Rs. 2231 Crore. The Company's (LIC India) revenue has increased in the last year, but it

Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful

Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful Hai and Vanakkam (Welcome)  to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers!!!!! This write up is to cheer up the activities involving by the Rich investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj, the Entrepreneur and Founder of this blog, who establishes a Rich investing Ideas and his physical efforts to achieve a purpose. He recently published his 100th article of this blog , related to investing in a share market. Hurrah ... 100th article is a grateful effort. He has been survived in between big and top investing institutions. As a known person to Rich Investing Ideas. I want to share some of the words about Rich Investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj and his efforts towards his goal. Throughout the world all the people want a regular or a fixed income to survive their life. Because they don’t want to suffer more at the month end, they need some amount of money as a fixed salary and they spend the same and run for the next month salary.  As like they leads th

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes in India - January 2019

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes in India - January 2019 In the recent years, the Bank Interest rates are at low in India. The Past year 2018 ended with the stock market was not excessive earnings and the investment in Gold has been appreciated a little. Inflation in India has been in the numbering of four percent and below in the past half year. The Consumer inflation in India were declined to 2.33 percent in the November of 2018. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) had also  unchanged with its interest rates in the recent months. The interest rates for small savings schemes recently announced by the Government of India, which has seen as the same by the past announcements. The New Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes in India are effect from January 1 to March 31, 2019. The Basic Savings account rate were with the same rate of 4 Percent. This is applicable for Banks and Post Offices on Savings account are there is no maximum limit on this part of account. For the One year Te

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018 Last year 2018, the stock market was mostly down in the Trend. The Indian Stock market does not fall below the global market like much more than other countries. In the year of 2018, the NASDAQ fell down nearly 10 percent, the London exchange FTSE declines at 12 percent and the Japanese market down above 11 percent. The Chinese stock market felt down as worse with more than 23 percent. However the Indian market's NSE and BSE were at its low and closed in the green in the past year. Generally an outflow of Foreign Investors in the past will lead to disruption of the Stock Market in India. But now it does not happen. The influx of Domestic investors have now increased. It also happening due to the increase in the size of Indian investors in a Mutual fund investments day by day. It's a welcome and worthy one. In the past year, the Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) have taken out more money from the Indian Market. At the same time, the inflo

Almost Perfect, not everything is right

Almost Perfect, not everything is right In a Journey of Human, everyday we have some kind of experience in our Life track. They are not obliged to be Positive or Perfect only. Some experiences can bring us happiness and some may show disgust. We have to learn to evaluate what we need. Not all of the things have a positive outcome. It's good to have positive thoughts in our Subconscious. At the same time, Information (Data) available to us does not necessarily have to be reliable. It's our pure responsibility to see the information available whether it is right or wrong . Last evening i had read a commentary in a book, " The Intelligent Investor " by Benjamin Graham. He is the father of Value Investing and this book referred to the concept of Value Investing. The Commentary was started like this, The School teacher asks Billy Bob: " If you have twelve sheep and one jumps  over the fence, how many sheep do you have left ? " Billy Bob answers, " None. &qu