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How the Financial Planning Delivery Proceeding ?

How the Financial Planning Delivery Proceeding ? Whether you are going to the doctor or taking self remedy, but the Financial Planning is so more important today. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki tells, ' It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and finally how many generations you keep for it '. So, Earning high is not a thing to build your wealth, but the proper planning on your money - The Financial Planning. The Financial Planning Delivery proceeds itself by two ways. The First way is the hard one, that you can do as a self process. By attaining knowledge on Financial Planning, so that you can make this process step by step - Remember, it's not a easy task, you have to be work hard on retrieving data (Inflation rate, Retirement Corpus, Rate of Returns, CAGR / XIRR). Second way is the easiest one, you can choose a Financial Advisor or Investment Advisor, he would help on your account. The Financial advisor who is

My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018   You can view my last investment portfolio updated on April month of this year .  As i said in my previous part, retire early is not an easy task while we are committed to our daily needs and wants. One cannot avoid the basic needs, but we have to create a secondary source of income, if we really stick to the retirement plan. I have updated or added one percent on my stocks / equity funds, as the stock market reacted at its high. I am not worry about the trend of the stock market, because the investment made by me are purely for the long term. So, take a little bit of risk earlier is not a concern :) You can also notify that the basic deposits (Bank RD or FD) were reduced to one percent, due to the addition on stocks. Still, i am not concurring with the Gold, as the investment of gold went negative from the past 5 years. If we taken the gold as an investment in the year of 2012, it would give today the value of (-6) negative percen

My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018   Retire Early Plan (REP) is not an easy task for everyone, but investing regularly is a thing that boosts your plan for the Early Retirement. Investment Portfolio is nothing but, the aspect on our current Financial or Physical assets. Assets on Investment Portfolio describes everything like Stocks and Equity related funds, Debt Securities, Bank Savings and Deposits, Real Estate Property, Gold and any other alternate investments. So, it belongs to the transactions and current positions on this regard. On this Post, you can notify the investment portfolio looks with some diversification. As, i had said earlier that i am not investing in Gold and it's my personal view. I had a few changes on my Debt Funds and Bank Deposits. The Increase in Debt Funds were slightly change the percent in my Bank Savings or Deposits. I had also bought some equity shares on my account in the month of march and April 2018. I am believing that more than

My Investment portfolio - updated as on Oct - 2017

My Investment portfolio - updated as on Oct - 2017   I am believing the Investment Portfolio objectives is the crucial thing not only for the wealth creation, but also gives the detailed knowledge on Investment opportunity. Here is my Investment Portfolio ( Updated as on October 31, 2017) I am also believes that my realty side depends on my father's asset (Non-cashflow). So this is my diversification too, rather than spending my money for owning a home. It's hard to me that i am not interesting to invest in Gold, but may consider in future. I am looking for an alternative investment(s) in the upcoming days. On the above pic, i had mentioned the debt securities splitted as 'Debt mutual Funds' and 'Bank Deposits' and you can note that my majority of investment is behind on my Retirement savings (PPF, NPS). Thanks for the SEBI (Investment adviser) L1 course and exam, it helps me to extract the knowledge of Asset allocation and Investment strategies. Personal Loans