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6 Fundamental Factors as a defensive investor

6 Fundamental Factors as a defensive investor There are many factors to looking for a long term investment strategy in the Stock Market. Some of the factors are like Understanding the business of a Company, Sales and Profit growth and find the competitors in a particular sector. We have a variety of Fundamental Analysis ratios - Price to Earning, Earning Per Share, Price to Book Value, Cash Flow, Dividend Yield, Debt to Equity, Return on Equity, Return on X or Y and so on. Benjamin Graham, the father of Value Investing had written a famous book called, ' The Intelligent Investor '. This book will tells you about the basic steps to choose the shares or Stocks as a Defensive look. Let's see about them. Adequate size of the Company: We can see there are lot of listed companies everywhere in the World Stock Market. Although we have a lot of companies to choose from, it is good to choose stocks which have good annual revenue or sales or you can say the company's sales is mo