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The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company

The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company   India's Biggest IT - Software Company named, ' Tata Consultancy Services ' or TCS creates a record on Stock Exchange yesterday. A remarkable note that the company raised its market capitalization more than 100 Billion US Dollar . Not only raising the capitalization, but also the first ever Indian company crosses this $100 billion mark. The Public Listed Company (TCS) in Stock Exchange recently posted its 4th Quarter results (FY18) with a profit of Rs. 6904 Crores by 4.50 percent growth from the previous quarter. TCS were also announced the 1:1 Bonus issue to the share holders and a final dividend of Rs. 29 /- per share by the growth result. It also said that the demand space in Digital Technology made its contract transactions as successful and this result ended in a special one. The $100 Billion Company started in the year of 1968 and became the biggest software company in India, now holds its position as one of the World&#