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How your investment decision (S)kills ?

How your investment decision (S)kills ? When we complete our School studies, we will decide what we have to take on higher education. We can do a lot of things to choose from for anyone, who can ask about it, what kind of courses to pursue, reading Ads and News related on and more than that discussing with our friends, neighborhood and relatives. But in the end, we bought a course on any manner and complete the course without any doubt. When it comes to Work life or Day job, we often find ourselves that why i had chosen this course or Education. Is it a good decision went wrong or make myself wrong ? We would have asked many people to explain our case like the above said. Our brain consists with lot of information were stored it. We didn't really pick it up. Then why do we have to reduce ourselves. This is the effect of Decision Making. The result is the result. If you are expecting anyone for your needs or goals by the Decision, then you may regret later. This is why some people e