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₹ 10 Rs Coins are Valid, as legal tender - RBI

  ₹  10 Rs Coins are Valid, as legal tender - RBI   The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reiterates legal tender status of   ₹  10 Rs Coins of different designs and valid. so, the RBI says that public can continue to accept the 10 Rs coins as legal tender.   The reason for the reiteration, that in certain places there is reluctance on part of traders and members of public to accept   ₹  10 Rs Coins due to suspicion about their genuineness.   The RBI also clarified that puts into circulation, the coins minted by mints, which are under the Government of India.These coins have distinctive features to reflect various themes of Economic, Social and cultural values and are introduced from time to time.   Up to now, there are 14 designs are issued in  ₹  10 Rs Coins, so in the market for public have 14 different designs of  ₹  10 Rs Coins. All these coins are legal tender and can be accepted for the transactions.   Previously, the RBI also issued a press release on November 2016 , r