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PASSION CASTLE: I am going to Build a Castle

PASSION CASTLE:    I m going to Build a Castle   We all have friends like Childhood friends, High School friends, College buddies, Work place pals, etc. But, among the all types of friends, only few become close to us. Why ? Because they all have the same wave length of thinking, ideas, views, feelings,etc. But, we could not remember when was the first meet or starting point of the friendship. Bonding between the persons is like Magic . It will not happen with the anyone. Only, it happens between bonding peoples met together. So, only few people have closest bonding with someone, not with all. It’s applicable to our passion team too. We know about the team work value. When games like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Even in family also, team work is very important. For a game, to attain the victory, team member’s coordination is very important. In family, couples’ coordination is important to lead a better life. If, we notice that in all games, Star player is always there. Star players