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The Secret of the Rich and Poor

The Secret of the Rich and Poor The Secrets of the roads are that Short distance Travelers go fast and Long destination Travelers are generally going Slow & Relax We can keep a single home for our basic needs and convenience. With more than one house, it is not said to be an asset, if we had not generate any income. Instead, we have to pay the House tax, Insurance and other maintenance costs for Non-generated income house. There is no great or better difference between the Rich and Poor. With the money you have earned, what you are doing now with that is important. Self Control is very important to being Rich, you don't have to make anything to be as Poor. When we approach for the Personal Finance, mostly his financial habits determine whether he is poor or rich. If you have a Property or Asset, then it should be create a Regular Cash Flow or Income, Otherwise it will be considered as Liability. Most of us are not willing to take time to learn about Personal Finance and related