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Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds

 Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds If there was an opportunity to invest heavily in the Equity Market post 2008, it would be the year 2020 - Covid-19 Market Crash. The Global lock down and Economic Downturn caused by the Epidemic may have brought some good fortune to the Equity investors. Most people who fail in the Stock investing fall into two factors - Greedy(Quick rich) and making the wrong investment decision while timing the market. So, never try to time the Market. Upside and Downside are the nature of the Mr. Market. However it always help to build the great wealth, importantly beat the inflation. Those who make a series of long term investments without any temptation in the volatile are always get succeed. No one can guide you to the wealth for Free. Therefore, attention should be paid to those receive the Advise or recommendation.  If you don't have a time to analyse and invest in the Direct Equity Market, then you can have a Mutual Funds managed by the Fund m

India's GDP growth rate at 8.4 Percent in Q2FY22

 India's GDP growth rate at 8.4 Percent in Q2FY22 The First quarter of the last fiscal year 2020-21 saw a sharp decline in the Indian Economy due to Covid-19 Epidemic. The Country's economy contracted (-24.4) Percent in the April-June 2021 quarter, reason for Nation wide lock down. This was followed by a decline of (-7.4) Percent in the next quarter which is July to September 2020-21. It is noteworthy that most developed and emerging economy countries had such an impact last year. Curfew controls eased somewhat and the economy is started to recover. It was 0.5 Percent growth in the December quarter and 1.6 Percent in the ending March 2021 quarter. During April to June period of the current fiscal year, the growth rate was said to be 20.1 Percent, then now 8.4 Percent in the second quarter of 2021-22. This said 8.4 Percent growth were compared with the last year September, which was seen as Negative growth. The Q2FY22 September quarter growth was mainly driven by the Service Sec