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10 Smart Ideas to learn - Young Entrepreneurs

  10 Smart Ideas to learn - Young Entrepreneurs   I love the Inspirer and the inspired quotes behind them. Everyone needs a motivation while we felt bad or fall into the trap. We just need that motivation, but we are not just wanting. We know how the kid's smile is. On that way, we need the motivation and we cannot force the kid to smile. It's the creature of nature. Motivation is also gives a self confidence, with rich content. Recently, i had posted about the herd mentality - the behavioral bias. You can get and love the inspirer as you need. But don't follow the influencer that you cannot reach your Needs vs Wants . I am always recommending you, Just get and love the inspirer on his words. Don't follow the influencer or even the man quote the inspired words. It's your life. Do it yourself (DIY). If you need a word of motivation, you can take it outside. We just need to love. I had being inspired by so many quotes, like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Steve Jobs, S

Need vs Want Behaviour

Need vs Want Behaviour How you desire / want your Goals ? Education / Profession / Business what we always like to do Beautiful Home High tech Car Foreign Tour (Travel) Luxurious Wedding Giving Treat to friends (Share your joy) Earn Millions of Millions (More Money) Nothing to desire :) What is your Needs (Basic Requirements) ? Nutritious Food, Climate Condition based Home and Life Style (Clothing) Hygienic and Good Medicine Clean Air for Better Breathing Get Education to improve the knowledge and the better life To meet the future needs of the financial / income (like Child care, Education, Marriage Expenses, Retirement) How do you Decide ? (Decision Making) Need a Healthy Food / Beauty and Enhanced Fast, Packed Food ? Living with your partner with love / Just a Luxurious Marriage Party ? Spend time to playing with your kids / Giving away items(Toys,Tech Products) what they want to buy and you look like that you have no time to spend wit