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3 Key Factors for a Business Valuation - Stocks

3 Key Factors for a Business Valuation - Stocks Investing in Stocks can be a healthy one for Few People. For some, it can be a worrying moment. In any case, Investing in equity is just adding Wealth Creation for the Family. Small or Retail Investors may not be able to run a company like Listed Companies. They may not have the strength to manage it. But the few stocks in a listed company will also prosper in the Long run. The Main advantage of Small or Retail investors is that they can find good equity stocks and get the benefit of Compounding in the Long term. So, we are no need to do Big things, Invest in stocks what we know and find. Let that Company take care of its Corporate Growth. While there are several factors to analyze and find a good equity. Here are 3 Basic and Key factors that can be applied to any Business. Investors should therefore consider these three factors as a model for Business or Stock Valuation. Promoters Management & Corporate Governance Financial

Unemployment Rate in India - Recent Data - August 2019

Unemployment Rate in India - Recent Data - August 2019 Currently, the Unemployment rate in India is at its highest in the last 30 Years. Prior to that, India's highest unemployment rate was 8.30 Percent in 1983 and the lowest rate of 3.53 Percent, which was seen in the year 2011. In August 2019, the Country's Unemployment rate stood at 8.19 Percent. According to the CMIE Website, it is 9.71 Percent in Urban and 7.48 Percent in Rural. Since 1983, India's Unemployment rate averaged 4.32 Percent. India's Unemployment rate is slightly higher than other Emerging Countries. However we cannot consider the Unemployment rate alone for Economic Growth. We also need to lookout the Inflation, GDP, Fiscal and Trade Deficit numbers. The Unemployment rate on the other hand, is poorly documented in terms of the number of Unorganized workers and the number of Entrepreneurs. If these data are available, it will be known whether they support for the Economy of the Country or indeed - Unem

India's WPI Inflation 1.08 Percent in August 2019

India's WPI Inflation 1.08 Percent in August 2019 The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Rate for the month of August 2019, was released few days ago. India's WPI Inflation was said as 1.08 Percent in the last month. There is no change, as the same numbers were available earlier in July 2019. On October 2018, the Wholesale Price Index was seen as 5.54 Percent, which is the highest rate in the last one year. The Currently said 1.08 Percent was seen as the lowest rate in the 24 Months. The Low inflation was seen due to the fallen in Fuel Prices. At the same time, the Food Prices have risen slightly. There has been no change in the Clothing, but the prices of Chemicals, Rubber, Plastics and Basic Metals have come down in the month of August 2019. The Price of Wood Products were also fell in the Last month. But the Essential Food Products and Vegetables Prices were increased in the said period. At the same time, the Price of Potato has come down. Wholesale Prices of Fuel Products like Pet

How to prepare for Birthday Party Fund ?

How to prepare for Birthday Party Fund ? Celebrating the birthday of the Kids can be a personal delight for Every Parents. At the same time, the cost of a Birthday Party can have little impact on the Financial head of the Family. The Birthday Celebration of their Kids is much more important than anything else for some Parents. In this situation, when a cost is incurred as a Birthday Celebration, it will affect the Budget for a Family in the near term. However, this is a positive thing if we plan ahead of time. Planning for the Celebration and save for it one year before is worth a lot. For example, the proposed expense (Budget amount) for your Kid's Birthday Celebration is Rs. 15,000 (Lets assume). Time Horizon: 12 Months If you are starting with a monthly SIP of Rs. 1200/- in Bank Recurring Deposits or Mutual Funds, and the expected return is 7 Percent, then you will achieve the Target of Rs. 15,000 for the Kid's Birthday Celebration. So, we can named it as ' Birthday Part

Debt Free Life is a Bliss

Debt Free Life is a Bliss   Debt breaks Love. Not only the Love, the debt will broke everything if dealt as badly. Nowadays, Getting a loan is easy as it comes with a word, 'EMI'. It is not good to borrow money except if it requires strictly - Needs. If the debt is a problem for the Poor and Middle Class people, then it is a nuisance to the Rich and Businessmen.  Benefits of Debt Free Life: When it comes to Personal Finance, you can have Self Control. You have a thought before buying anything. You can do your favorite job, hobby or Business as you are Financially free. The First step to obtaining Financial Freedom is to go without debt or reduce the maximum debt. You can make sure of your Income & Expenses - Proper Budget Planning. Stress Free Life is a Bliss. You can communicate to anyone (Economically) without Fear You can see plenty of investment opportunities, if you are debt free. You can distinguish between the Needs and Wants You have a Financial Life without Shortag

Will the Repo rate go below 5 Percent ?

Will the Repo rate go below 5 Percent ? The Retail Inflation, so called Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation stood at 3.21 Percent in the month of August 2019. This is up from 3.15 Percent in July and 3.18 percent in the same August last year. However it did not reach the expected level of 3.30 Percent by the Analysts. At the same time, the retail inflation is also below RBI's medium term Target of 4 Percent. It is noteworthy over the past one year, India's Retail Inflation has not exceeded the said 4 Percent. The Inflation rose in August 2019 is due to Food Prices like Meat and Fish, Vegetables and Pulses. Prices of Oil, Fat and Milk products have also increased marginally. Fruits and Sugar products are declined in the last month. Rural Inflation was 2.18 Percent and Urban Inflation was at 4.49 Percent Provisionally in the month of August 2019. India's CPI Inflation has averaged about 6.2 Percent Since the year of 2012. It was seen as 12.17 Percent which is the highest in

Steven Smith - The Best Test Batsmen - Investing is Boring

Steven Smith - The Best Test Batsmen - Investing is Boring The Best Test Batsmen at Present - Steven Smith, Cricbuzz narrates him. The Australian Batsmen made his debut as a Leg Spinner, then turned to a Best Batsmen and now tops the list of Best Test Batsmen. He had played 67 Tests and scored 6870 Runs so far, including 26 Centuries and 3 Double Hundreds. He had an average of 64.81 in the Tests and 41.41 in One day Internationals. His role in capture during the 2015 World Cup was brilliant. He became the first player to score five successive fifty plus scores in the 2015 World Cup Tournament.  He was banned for a one year from the Australian Cricket Team due to the Ball Tampering Incident. Smith was once again showed his talent in the 2019 World Cup, after returned from the Banned. Currently, his role in the Ashes Series against England is good for the Australian Cricket. He went out with a head injury and then returned, scored a Double Century in the next match to win the match again

Positive Inflows in the Indian Mutual Funds Industry - Economy Slowdown

Positive Inflows in the Indian Mutual Funds Industry - Economy Slowdown For the Mutual Fund Industry in India, the AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) is dedicated to develop this industry by professional, ethical lines and maintain standards with a view to protecting and promoting the interests of Mutual Funds and their Investors - Unit Holders. As per AMFI website, currently there are 44 AMCs are registered with SEBI, are its members. AMFI publishes its Mutual Fund industry data about New Schemes and Asset Under Management (AUM), Funds mobilized by every month. Last August 2019, the total amount invested in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry was Rs. 1.02 Trillion which is said here as Net Inflow. In the previous month of July 2019, it was stood at Rs. 87,000 Crore. The AUM as on 31st August 2019, stood at Rs. 25.47 Lakh Crore, earlier it was seen as Rs. 24.53 Lakh Crore in the month of July 2019. In the July of this current year, there was no investment made in the Gold ETF Sche

FII and DII Trading activity – August 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – August 2019 Last month, the Foreign Investors sold the stocks hugely in the Cash Market. The Government of India had also taken some steps to stimulate the Indian Economy like Changes on Taxation Policies, Announcement on Merger of Public Sector (PSU) Banks and given positive things for the Automotive Industry. However it's impact has not yet been favorable for the Indian Stock Market. For the month of July and August 2019, the Foreign Investors (FII) had sold shares worth more than Rs. 30,000 Crore in two months. In the said two months, the Domestic Investors (DII) had invested more than Rs. 40,000 Crore in the Indian Cash Market. It's a positive sign for the Indian Equity place. The Foreign Investors had a Gross purchase of Rs. 108,529 Crore and a Gross Sales of Rs. 123,358 Crore. So the Net Sales of RS. 14,828 Crore by the FII in the month of August 2019. On the other side, the Domestic investors bought shares, Gross purchase of  Rs. 87,205 Cro