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Top 5 Large Cap Funds to Invest - 2018

Top 5 Large Cap Funds to Invest - 2018   Indian Stock Market is at it's high. Traders are eagerly continued for the Bull and the investors are awaiting for the market correction. Recent quarterly results are for most of the companies. Indian market beats on every expectations - Greece Crisis, Brexit, North Korea, US rates, Trade war. So on every panic, the market simply boosting itself to the upward. The upcoming week have also some sentiments like Trade war, Dollar - Crude movements, and the expectation of quarterly results. As a participators in the Financial market, we even don't know why this happening and the why the other countries expecting India in the market. But, it's an opportunity cost for everyone who utilized too. Market gives a great opportunity with a different aspect called, 'Mutual Funds'. So anyone can participate in the market who not knowing anything about the Market analysis. But again, i am telling you Mutual funds will not reduce or protect f