Infosys Limited - FY24 Results & Insights

 Infosys Limited - FY24 Results & Insights India's second largest Information Technology (MNC) Company - Infosys were announced it's Q4FY24 and Financial year ending 2024 results today. We know that Infosys Limited is a Debt Free and Cash Rich Company in India. When we look at it's Operating Profit Margin(OPM) by every year, it is beyond 20 Percent always. So that it is managing well it's expenses on Total Revenue. However, it is increasing it's borrowing cost for the past 5 years.  As on Financial year ending March 2024, the borrowing cost seems Rs.8,359 Crore and the Cash Equivalents were stood at Rs.14,786 Crore. Let's see how it was performed in the last Financial year 2024 (Data below as Consolidated Statement - FY24), FY2024 vs FY2023: Revenue: Rs.1,53,670 Cr vs Rs.1,46,767 Cr Operating Profit: Rs.36,425 Cr vs Rs.35,130 Cr Operating Profit Margin(OPM): 24 % vs 24% Net Profit:  Rs.26,248 vs Rs.24,108 Balance Sheet & Cash Flow:  Reserves(March 2024):

Market Trading Hours of the Major Stock Exchanges - Global Equity Market

 Market Trading Hours of the Major Stock Exchanges - Global Equity Market   Looking at the Global Stock Market Participation as per the FY 2022-23 Data, more than 55 Percent of the Total population in US invests directly in the Equity Market. This is about 33 Percent in the United Kingdom, 13 Percent in China and around 2 Percent in Brazil. In India, the contribution is around 3 Percent of the Total population, at the same time when looking at households, it is about 17 Percent participation in the Indian Equity Market. While there are many reasons for the low penetration(Participation) in the Stock Market in India, the most common and widely cited factor by the common public, it's Market Trading Hours.  Generally, the Market Trading hours in India would starts from 09:15 AM and ended at 03:30 PM during Monday to Friday(Week Days). Most of the people on this duration and days were engaged with their Corporate Job or Regular Profession. As the common public thinking that, it is attr

Gujarat Gas Limited - Financial Data Insights

Gujarat Gas Limited - Financial Data Insights Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) is a government company, formerly Known as GSPC Distribution Networks Limited(GDNL). The Company is engaged in the business and distribution of Natural gas in India and it's a Debt Free Company. Gujarat State Petronet holds 54.17 Percent of Stake in GGL.   GGL caters to its customers by providing CNG and PNG connections in domestic, Industrial, Commercial and Non commercial segments in the areas of South & Central Gujarat and Saurashtra.   India's largest player in City Gas Distribution with 27 CGD licenses across 43 districts in 6 states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh and One Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.   GGL with more than 15.5 lakh households, over 13,000 commercial customers, 559 CNG stations, over 4000 industrial units and close to 30,000 kilometer of natural gas pipeline network. Market Share: Domestic Connections - 24 Percent Commercial Con

Listed Companies without (Zero) Promoter Holding in the Indian Stock Market ?

 Listed Companies without (Zero) Promoter Holding in the Indian Stock Market ?   According to the minimum public share holding rule as per the Regulations for the Indian Equity Market and it's Exchange, a listed company must allocate at least 25 Percent of it's shares to the Public including Retail Market participants. When we say public shareholders(25 Percent Rule), it may include Retail investors, HNI and Large Investors and Institutions.  On the other side for the Promoters, there is a rule that they should not hold more than 75 Percent of Shares in a single listed company in the Indian Equity Market. If a company owns more than 75 Percent of Shares in a company, then those shares must be sold through Divestment in a particular period of time.  Generally, these Promoters' Shareholding rules are not applicable for the Government owned companies and exempted entity. So they can hold more than 75 Percent of it's shares at anytime. Eg: Govt owned Insurance Companies, Oi

Infosys reported a net profit of Rs.5,945 Crore in Q1FY24 - Quarterly Results

 Infosys reported a net profit of Rs.5,945 Crore in Q1FY24 - Quarterly Results   Infosys Limited - India's second largest IT Company after TCS, recently reported it's first quarterly results for the Financial year 2023-24. In the said April - June quarter, the company's revenue was Rs.37,933 Crore and the expenditure is said to be Rs.28,869 Crore as well. The Operating Profit were stood at Rs.9,064 Crore and the Operating Profit Margin(OPM) of 24 Percent in the First quarter of FY2024. It is noteworthy that the average of Quarterly OPM's are above 24 Percent for Infosys Limited. As other income, the company earned Rs.561 Crore in the June Q1 results.   Profit Before Tax(PBT) were stood at Rs.8,362 Crore and the bottom line which was the Net Profit is said to be Rs.5,945 Crore. As compared to the previous year's June quarter 2022-23, the current revenue has grown by 10 Percent and the Net Profit has also grown by 11 Percent. In the Past, the EPS was stood at Rs.12.74

10 Years of TATA Motors Ltd - Financial Statement - Fundamental Insights

10 Years of TATA Motors Ltd - Financial Statement - Fundamental Insights   Tata Motors Limited is a leading global automobile manufacturer and India's second largest company in Automotive segment next to Maruti Suzuki. It is the part of Tata Group, an Indian multi-national conglomerate which provides its products and services on Buses, Cars, Defense Vehicles, Sports utility vehicles, Trucks and other related automotive in it's segment. It is noteworthy that Tata Motors bought the famous and iconic brands Jaguar and Land Rover in the year 2008, from the Ford Company. Tata Motors is the leading player in the Commercial vehicle segment with a market share of around 45 Percent as per the FY2022. It is also said to be a Market leader in the EV segment with a market share of around 87 Percent in the year FY22 in India. The company's last dividend was declared in the year 2016 for the Financial year 2015-16 with an amount of Rs. 0.20 per Share. Tata Motors Ltd is trading in the In

Infosys Limited - FY2023 - Is it Undervalued or not ?

Infosys Limited - FY2023 - Is it Undervalued or not ?   India's second largest IT(Information Technology) company were recently announced it's Q4FY23 and Financial year 2022-23 ending annual results. For the 2023 year ending results, it reported a sales of Rs. 1.46 Lakh crore and net profit of Rs. 24,108 crore. The sales increased by 21 percent and the net profit rose by 9 percent as compared to the FY2021-22. The company's revenue is primarily generated from the Digital business services, 63 percent of its total revenue. Digital services are such as AI based analytics, Big Data, IoT, Cloud applications, Advance cyber security systems, modernize legacy tech systems and Engineer digital products.  The revenue breakup is mostly coming from the Financial services segment with 32 percent of its total revenue, 15 percent in Retail segment, Telecom communication and media with 13 percent, Manufacturing with 11 percent and the rest of from other technology, Life sciences and Healt