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10 Years of TATA Motors Ltd - Financial Statement - Fundamental Insights

10 Years of TATA Motors Ltd - Financial Statement - Fundamental Insights   Tata Motors Limited is a leading global automobile manufacturer and India's second largest company in Automotive segment next to Maruti Suzuki. It is the part of Tata Group, an Indian multi-national conglomerate which provides its products and services on Buses, Cars, Defense Vehicles, Sports utility vehicles, Trucks and other related automotive in it's segment. It is noteworthy that Tata Motors bought the famous and iconic brands Jaguar and Land Rover in the year 2008, from the Ford Company. Tata Motors is the leading player in the Commercial vehicle segment with a market share of around 45 Percent as per the FY2022. It is also said to be a Market leader in the EV segment with a market share of around 87 Percent in the year FY22 in India. The company's last dividend was declared in the year 2016 for the Financial year 2015-16 with an amount of Rs. 0.20 per Share. Tata Motors Ltd is trading in the In

TCS and Infosys - The better friendly fundamentals

 TCS and Infosys - The better friendly fundamentals India's two biggest IT Companies - Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys Limited. TCS have over 50 years of experience and Infosys have more than 40 years in the field of Tech Industry. The Current Market Capitalization for TCS is around Rs.11.85 Lakh Crore, where Infosys stands with Rs.6.73 Lakh Crore in the Indian Stock Market Exchange. TCS is the fourth largest employer in India after Indian Railways, Indian Army and India Post. It has more than 4 Lakh employees and it is noteworthy that 37 percent of its employees are Women. Tata Consultancy Services takes its revenue mostly from America and Europe. 52 Percent of revenue comes from America and the Europe contributed with 31 Percent. Both Companies are considered as a Debt Free Companies. Their Financial Track record were also reasonably good and progressively improving. They are not fast on its financials, but with stabled achievement. TCS is currently trading at 14 times of i

Should you buy SBI Life Insurance ? - Stock Fundamental Analysis

 Should you buy SBI Life Insurance ? - Stock Fundamental Analysis State Bank of India, the country's largest Public sector bank and also the 43rd Largest bank in the world. SBI Life Insurance is a joint venture between SBI and BNP Paribas, the French International banking group. BNP Paribas is the eighth largest bank globally in terms of Assets.  SBI Life was incorporated in the year 2000 and then registered with the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) in 2001. Now, State Bank of India owns 55 Percent stake in SBI Life Insurance and BNP Paribas with 5 Percent. It is noteworthy that the BNP held a 22 Percent stake in the SBI Life Insurance earlier. There are around 26 Percent of stake with the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) in this Insurance listed company. SBI Life insurance operates its business in the Insurance Segment in India. The Company has about 17,000 employees and 1.5 Lakh Insurance agents. The services are provided in many Corporate house

Should you buy Finolex Cables ? Fundamental Analysis

Should you buy Finolex Cables ? Fundamental Analysis Finolex is a Company founded in the year 1958 by the Chhabria Brothers. Initially setting up a Small shop for selling the Electrical Cables, then moved to Manufacturing for Industrial Cables. They started their industrial unit to manufacture PVC insulated cables especially for the Automobile sector. On the rapid growth, the company went for the expansion and modernization in its segment. Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) was established in 1981 to manufacture Rigid PVC pipes and fittings for the Agriculture sector. In 1983, Finolex Cables were transformed into Public listed Company. The Company went in collaboration with the World's best companies in the field, it has expanded it's business to include Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Optical Fibre and Copper Rod. Finolex has been a leading Manufacturer of Optical Fibre, Fibre Glass, Lighting and Electrical Switches Since 2000. In 2011, the company entered into a joint venture wi

10 Factors to read for the Fundamental Investing

10 Factors to read for the Fundamental Investing It takes patience in the long run to make money on Stock Market investing. At the same time, many of us lament that we had lost about 70-80 percent on investments due to holding a particular stocks for a longer period. This is about the wrong selection of Stocks and holding the bad one for a long way. Even if you had invested in Ten different stocks, not all the stocks will give you an immediate returns. Each stock will see it's own price cycle over a period of 5 to 10 years at different times. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so better invest in a Good Fundamental stocks. However if some basic factors are explored in the pantry at the stock we bought or going to buy, that is all the work for us. Although the stock price of Good Fundamental companies does not rise in the near term, but it will fetch you good wealth or returns in the long run. Good Companies can be defined as Debt Free, Good Corporat

Undervalued Stocks in 10 Different Sectors - Fundamental Analysis

Undervalued Stocks in 10 Different Sectors - Fundamental Analysis Although the Stock Market has recovered, the real economy has not yet recovered. In general, the economy and the stock market indices are two friends. At the same time, the level of simultaneous functioning is very low. When the economy collapses, it is hardly to say for sure that the Stock market indices would fall continuously. However, the impact of real economy would take place in the stocks for some time. Times can change if desired. In times of economic downturn, the chances of identifying good valuable stocks are also high. Here are few companies that are ready to satisfy the Basic Fundamental Analysis. The said stocks are based on Debt Free and undervalued by the Discounted Cash Flow(DCF) Valuation Method. It is noteworthy that the 10 stocks are picked from 10 different sectors. You too can explore these stocks with your Analysis and make an Investment Decision. ITC LTD SESHASAYEE PAPER PRODUCTS BHARAT SEATS GAND

Healthy Dividend Yield Stock - National Aluminium Company - Fundamental Analysis

Healthy Dividend Yield Stock - National Aluminium Company - Fundamental Analysis National Aluminium Company (NALCO India) is a Public Sector Company headquartered in Odisha, India. The Company is also seen as the Navratna CPSE of the Govt of India. It's business is based on Aluminium Production - Bauxite Mining, Aluminium Refining, Smelting and Casting. It is also engaging in the Power Generation, Rail and Port process. NALCO India is said to be the country's Largest Company in the Aluminium Industry and the world's leading supplier with the low cost production. It is worth noting that the revenue are also came from Exports. The Market Capitalization of the company is around Rs. 6,300 Crore. The Book value is at 55 rupees. The Current Stock price to earning (PE) is said to be 20 times. The Current market price to book value is attractive, which is less than a time. NALCO India is generally a Debt Free company, where the current debt to equity ratio were stood at 0.01. Inter

Attractive Stock - Thyrocare Technologies Ltd - Fundamental Analysis

Attractive Stock - Thyrocare Technologies Ltd - Fundamental Analysis The Company was started in the year 1996, making the business with the Preventive Care Laboratories. India's First laboratory automation was happened in Thyrocare. The Founder of this company, Mr. Velumani, Ex-Scientist of BARC, India. Currently, the Market Cap is around Rs. 3,300 Crore. The Book value is said to be Rs. 75 and the Current Market Price is trading at Rs. 612 per share, which is 8 Times more than the Book value. Promoters holding of 66 Percent and there is no pledging of shares by the Promoters side. Debt to Equity stands at 0.03, which is a healthy one for the Value Investors. The Interest Coverage Ratio(ICR) is at 140 Times. At the end of September 2019 quarter, the Reserves are Rs. 344 Crore in the Company Balance Sheet. For the FY2018-19, the Company's revenue was Rs. 370 Crore and the expenses are Rs. 222 Crore. The PBT was Rs. 147 Crore and the Net Profit was declared as Rs. 95 Crore. The E

Should you buy ITC LTD now ? Fundamental Analysis

Should you buy ITC LTD now ? - Fundamental Analysis The Indian Multinational Group ITC Ltd was established in the year 1910, the company is a major manufacturer of Tobacco Products. Not only Tobacco manufacturing and Selling, but also the ITC Brands are wide in the different segments like Food Products, Personal Care, Paper Products, Pooja Products, Dairy & Agriculture based, Packaging Industry and Hotels. It's specific brands are Aashirvaad Atta, Wills, Gold Flake, Kings, Classmate Notebooks & Other Stationery, Mangaldeep, Sheraton, Fortune and Grand Chola Hotels, Snack items like Sun feast Biscuits, Candy man, Bingo and Yippee. The current Chairman and Managing Director of the ITC Company is Mr. Sanjiv Puri and the company headquartered in Kolkata, India. ITC Ltd has reported its revenue of Rs. 52,000 Crore for the FY2018-19. It's Net Profit was around Rs. 12,800 Crore in the said period. The Company has a Total Assets of USD 10 Billion in the end of FY2019 and there

10 Stocks for Good Investing - Fundamental Analysis

10 Stocks for Good Investing - Fundamental Analysis Identifying good stocks or shares using Fundamental Analysis is an Investment Art. If we do that effectively, then our investment strategies will work for a long to create Wealth. I have given you few of the stocks using basic Fundamentals on Listed Companies. Examine yourself and find a good company stocks. These stocks are filtered by Screening using the website. I had also used some basic queries to filter these below stocks. The basic thumb rule was used in this method are Sales and Profit Growth, Return on Capital Employed, Return on Equity, Price to Earning Ratio, Promoters holding and Pledging of shares by the Promoters. The Screening Strategy follows that the Sales and Profit growth for the last 5 years is greater than 10 Percent, The 5 years ROE and ROCE should be more than 20 Percent, Debt to Equity ratio should be less than 0.5 and Price to Earning is said to be greater than 25. The Market Capitalization limit

Should you buy Berger Paints ? Fundamental Analysis

Should you buy Berger Paints ? Fundamental Analysis An Investor who is ready to buy stocks in the Stock Market should invest based on Fundamental Analysis - Value Investing. And also the investor should be aware about the Risk Management in Equity Investing. If not, it is advisable to consult with a Good Financial Advisor to make such decisions. Berger Paints is a company (Now Public Listed Company) founded by Louis Steigenberger of Germany. It was later renamed as 'Lewis Berger'. Currently, Berger Paints is an Indian Paint Company is headquartered at Kolkata. The Current Chairman of Berger Paints is Mr. Kuldip Singh Dhingra. It is in the Paint Sector which the company operates its business in Five Countries including Russia, Nepal and Poland. It has a distribution network of more than 25,000 Dealers and 3500 Plus Employees for Manufacturing and Selling of Paints. Currently, the Market Capitalization of Berger Paints stands at Rs. 47,000 Crore in the Indian Stock Market. The Bo

10 Key Financial Ratios for buying a Stock - Value Investing

10 Key Financial Ratios for buying a Stock - Value Investing   Most of us, tempt to buying a stock at any time or any cost. Does it make sense ? Can we do the same, while hiring a person for our business. It just not happening, but the reality causes how we are doing it in the Stock market today. That is why the Oracle of Omaha - Warren Buffet says,   " The Rich invest in time, the poor invest in money "   We just got tempted to do anything in the market rather than the time (Analysis). The poor or a middle one always looking and spend their time for Money. That is the reason, why they think like as employee. On the other side, the rich invest in his time to "Money work for you" Business, but not to work for money. So, Investing in time here is the analysis of a stock based on Value Investing. You can have some key financial ratios or the fundamental factors for buying a stock, which values a business. The Key financial ratios are completely based on Fundamental an