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Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful

Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful Hai and Vanakkam (Welcome)  to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers!!!!! This write up is to cheer up the activities involving by the Rich investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj, the Entrepreneur and Founder of this blog, who establishes a Rich investing Ideas and his physical efforts to achieve a purpose. He recently published his 100th article of this blog , related to investing in a share market. Hurrah ... 100th article is a grateful effort. He has been survived in between big and top investing institutions. As a known person to Rich Investing Ideas. I want to share some of the words about Rich Investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj and his efforts towards his goal. Throughout the world all the people want a regular or a fixed income to survive their life. Because they don’t want to suffer more at the month end, they need some amount of money as a fixed salary and they spend the same and run for the next month salary.  As like they leads th