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Way to plan for the Retirement

Way to plan for the Retirement Modern lifestyle hungers with the Job and Money. Everyone needs and stands with their Retirement. also responding more for 'Retire Early' than 'Retirement Planning' . So, Retire Early is a kind of word, but plan for the retirement is so important today. As we are growing gradually, but the tech Gadgets and our Expenses are growing rapidly. What about the Retirement Planning ? It is an Obvious plan, ensure that you have a sufficient money or income to meet the expenses, when you are at the stage of retirement. The most common goal for everyone's at their retirement stage is a regular income to meet the expenses, (i.e) Pension or getting a regular cash flow from the created corpus for Retirement. One must go to achieve this, they should Save and Invest. It's not just saving, but Investing it. The Regular savings and Investing at early stage and will give a regular income by the Created Asset or Corpus.     (Image courtes

Online Aadhaar Linking with LIC other insurance products and Mutual Funds

Online Aadhaar Linking with LIC other insurance products and Mutual Funds Today ( December 15, 2017 ), Supreme Court extends Aadhaar linking deadline to  March 31, 2018 and also note that Aadhaar proof is mandatory to opening a new Bank accounts. Generally, Aadhaar linking process are deal with Bank accounts, Insurance policies and Mutual Fund products, PAN, Mobile numbers. It's a good news on a short term, so we can have a time to update with Aadhaar ( Unique Identity with 12 Digit Random number). We have a different in Mutual fund folios, Banks, Insurance companies, Demat account with brokers, which we chosen or selected. Here we will see some of the products to update Aadhaar linking. LIC (Life Insurance corporation of India) Policies Other Insurance companies under IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) Mutual Fund Products Demat Accounts PAN (Permanent Account Number) 1)  Online Aadhaar linking with LIC Policies:   Go to:    http://www.licind

How to play Rich Dad's Cash flow Classic Game - Step by step idea

How to play Rich Dad's Cash flow Classic Game - Step by step idea I heartily loved to play games in the ground as well as on my PC-Mobile, especially with cricket. When i was changing my focus on Personal finance, i searched a lot of games related on finance. I had downloaded few more App games with a word, ' MONEY '. But, it was not filled up my brain. Finally, i got a game which one gives not only entertaining, but also provide the Financial awareness. Rich Dad's CASH FLOW CLASSIC GAME: Already, i had an experience with Robert kiyosaki's RICH DAD POOR DAD book. So, i have a little eager to visit the game. I was noted that the Cash flow game app for mobile costs a little bit (Around  ₹  180 /-) , but the Rich Dad website presents a free ' Cash flow classic ' game for PC. So, i just registered on site and tried it a while. Rich Dad's Cash flow game concept is get addicted, not only as a game - it gives you a detailed knowledge on Personal

ETF vs Mutual Funds

ETF vs Mutual Funds Nowadays, Mutual Funds are the favorite one among most of the people. Bank Interest rates are ticking down and the India Inflation rate also around 3 - 4 %. Many of us, keen to invest in mutual funds with a simple knowledge or as plain (Not known). Last week, one of the reader requested an answer in  , Is it the time to invest in mutual funds and how the mutual funds differ from ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). I had posted my answer on reply. So, that's why i am looking here to share the related information in my blog about ETF and mutual funds. Generally, Mutual funds categorized as Two:   Debt Funds Equity Funds Debt funds are good, if you are looking like as a Bank FD (Fixed Deposit) or RD (Recurring). It gives a solid returns more than the Bank deposits. Indexation Benefit also available on LTCG (Long term Capital Gains), if you hold more than 3 years. Similarly, Equity funds have a LTCG benefit, if you hold on your investment more than one year

My Portfolio - Stocks - Updated on Nov - 2017

My Portfolio - Stocks - Updated on Nov - 2017 " My Portfolio " - I am preferring to buy the stocks through Value Investing (Fundamental Analysis). Here-now, i wish to report my portfolio - Stocks which is updated on November, 2017     You can notify that, my investment goes in different sector like Banks, Pharmaceuticals, IT - Technology, Automobiles. I have been heavily invested in Technology about 40 percent with the shares - HCL and Infosys (Infy) and the lowest in Paints with Berger Paints - 1.75 % I am also looking to invest in Energy, but not now with the current valuation. Result Session:   As on November 30, 2017 - My Portfolio (Stocks) returns with 10.22 %  (2017-18) Past three years (Financial) returns are: 10.43 % (2015-16), 12.51 % (2016-17), 10.22 % (2017-18). Currently, 8 of 10 stocks are Advanced (Profit) and 2 stocks are declined (Loss). On my stock portfolio, NALCO performed with the highest returns of  ( 106 % ) on my investment and the