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5.62 percent growth of Air Traffic in India -February 2019

5.62 percent growth of Air Traffic in India -February 2019 The number of Foreign travelers visiting India is increasing by every year, but the recent growth of Indian Airline's revenue is not significant. Few of the airlines in the country were in Financial crisis. In the domestic transport, the Indian airlines has witnessed 5.62 percent growth in the month of February 2019. The 5.62 percent growth is considered the lowest growth in domestic service over the past five years. The number of domestic passengers in February was 1.13 Crore, it is noteworthy that earlier it was 1.07 Crore passengers. The Inter globe Aviation Airlines - Indigo had a growth of 15 percent in the Passenger traffic with 49.31 lakh passengers. Spice jet and Jet Airways had 15.58 lakh and 12.92 lakh passengers respectively in the said month. Spice jet saw a 17 percent growth in the domestic passenger service, while Jet airways had seen a 28 percent drop in its number of passengers. Already Jet airways were in a