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How was the Nifty PE in the 2008 Financial Crisis ?

How was the Nifty PE in the 2008 Financial Crisis ? The National Stock Exchange's Nifty50 Index PE (Price to Earning) was 19.52 on Last Friday - 27th March, 2020. Earlier in that week, it was 17.15 on PE was a buying opportunity for the Stocks - 23th March, 2020. One of my investment buddy, Mr. Dev Asish, the Founder of Stable Investor ( He is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) ), had posted an article few years before about the guide to investing in Stock Market based on Nifty PE Ratio . Don't take the above instruction as an Investment advice. However this Price to Earning (PE) ratio of Nifty50 gives some insight into the Equity Market. That is, when you analyze a bunch of stocks with Good Fundamentals and you are planning to decide to buy that stocks - Now it's the time to look at the Nifty PE, whether i buy it today or later. While the Global Indices has claimed that the Covid-19 is currently taking place, but the Global Stock Market has been at peak for the p

Important things to do as an Equity Investor - Global Economic Crisis Fear

Important things to do as an Equity Investor - Global Economic Crisis Fear Instead of saying that the Global Stock Market Indices fell due to the Coronavirus attack, the Panic of the news is actually down to the Stock Market. This is not just for the Equity Market, but for the Common Economy. It can be said that the Economic Recession Fear of the past two years has now settled. The Global Economic news over the past few months has been the Brexit Deal, Crude Oil, US-China Trade war, US-Iran War Panic, Automobile Sales, Global Warming, China's Debt, the Covid - 19 and the Saudi Oil war. In addition, changes in the state's new policies, Recent Domestic amendments, Slowdown in GDP, Unemployment rate and the recent scenario in the Indian Banking System. Although the average human in the nation does not understand the exact reason for this, in fact the economy has affected them alone. After Globalisation, if there is a problem in the United States, it will affect India and if our Co

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2020

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2020 The Country's GDP stood at 4.7 Percent in the October - December 2019 quarter, according to the official report last week. This is the lowest level in the last seven years. The Country's economic growth which was 7.7 Percent in the early 2018, has started to decline. Global Economy conditions are not favorable for the current January - March Quarter. Economic growth will be slower in the March 2020 quarter than in the December 2019 quarter. Most of the Automobile Companies have experienced a spike in their February Sales. There is a possible of downturn in the upcoming months due to uncertainty. Over the past two months, many people have died in China due to Coronavirus - Covid - 19. The impact is spreading rapidly in other nations as well. Due to Globalization, the above said factor will affect the state policy too. Even it will hurt a small country that is somewhere. The Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) had a Net Sales of Rs.