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Cheteshwar Pujara is a Long term Investment

Cheteshwar Pujara is a Long term Investment Modern day’s psychology – The investment horizon mostly in drowning side. While I am asking someone about the investment period, then the words of their strategy mostly uncertain able. And the answer from them for the long term investment period is around 6 months – 1 Year. I could not understand how you could tell the long term horizon around 6 months – 1 Year ? Is it the 6 months / 1 year a long term period  ? Is this period  helpful for your financial goal planning like Education, Marriage or Retirement ? Even for the short term needs like creating emergency fund, buying a car or planning a Tour / Travel, we cannot achieve the amount what we need. But, Everyone has a same word, ‘I m going to book a Profit and not believing for the future’ ‘Book a profit is not a thing, but for the capital itself important’ Looking for the Long term: Long term investment needs patience. Not just a word, ‘Patience’.  With Art of Gratification ! The Art of G