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Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

 Five techniques for the Wealth Creation Just as there are two sides for a Coin, like wise the money we have needs two things to grow. No matter what investment plan we seek to invest in, the time and the return ratio give its value. Inflation, Taxation, Investing amount and other factors aside, it is the tenure and the investment rate or returns% that make a person Rich. Money that is earned quickly and easily in the short term can only bring great wealth if it is reinvested and waited to benefit in the long run. Otherwise, its capacity lives for a very short term. The Secret of Wealth is that the poor and middle income wants to make more profit in the short tenure, while the rich sow the money in the long run and wait, then makes a greater wealth. The so-called rich here are the ones who adhere to the Discipline of Investing. No matter what job we are looking for, we can simply follow and implement the thoughts of the Rich. Here we find Five key techniques for creating such Wealth, F

Risk Assessment - Investment Tool for the Beginners

 Risk Assessment - Investment Tool for the Beginners Before starting any investment, do self examination based on your current financial status... This would help you to choose the right investment product. The Risk assessment method can help you to set your Financial Goals / Needs clearly and make the appropriate investment.  (We are keeping your Data Confidentially !) Risk Profiling Questionnaire RICH INVESTING IDEAS | An Investment thought to create wealth. Thinks you on Investment ideas, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Personal Finance,  Entrepreneurship and more about Economics. Governed by:

Investing Strategies for the Long Term Equity Investors

  Investing Strategies for the Long Term Equity Investors Investing is always boring, however waiting for a long years too. It takes a little patience to make a great wealth in the history. Generally, good and fundamentally strong companies would always give the better returns in the long run, but may not rise in the short term always. We can see it as happened in the Capital Market regularly. More than a hundred companies are pouring in the market with great fundamentals. These companies have experience many economy slowdowns, faced various political changes and importantly have been in business for many years or centuries. Like TATA, Bajaj, Godrej, Birla, Mahindra, Reliance, L&T, Hinduja, TVS and more on it. They have plenty of business experience with multiples of track records. We can look some Foreign MNC companies like HUL, ABB India, Nestle, Abbott, Colgate Palmolive, Maruti Suzuki and Bosch have the more energy on its business fundamentals.  Even if good company stocks are