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My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018   Retire Early Plan (REP) is not an easy task for everyone, but investing regularly is a thing that boosts your plan for the Early Retirement. Investment Portfolio is nothing but, the aspect on our current Financial or Physical assets. Assets on Investment Portfolio describes everything like Stocks and Equity related funds, Debt Securities, Bank Savings and Deposits, Real Estate Property, Gold and any other alternate investments. So, it belongs to the transactions and current positions on this regard. On this Post, you can notify the investment portfolio looks with some diversification. As, i had said earlier that i am not investing in Gold and it's my personal view. I had a few changes on my Debt Funds and Bank Deposits. The Increase in Debt Funds were slightly change the percent in my Bank Savings or Deposits. I had also bought some equity shares on my account in the month of march and April 2018. I am believing that more than

Growthmania - The Progressive way

Growthmania - The Progressive way   A man wants growth in his life need a fury over the society. So far achieved person in any field have some fury over the society and their environmental situation. For Instance,  “ Mahatma Gandhi ill-treated in South Africa “ “ Rising of Adolf Hitler in Germany” “Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba” “Vladimir Lenin Communist in Russia” From the above, one common thing is fury over the society that pull them up. Rich People in the world like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani – Why they became a successful one ? Something, they did not get from the society in their earlier days. To fulfill their desire, they became a historic icon for us. If the person getting everything  from the society, they are not to think about the growth. Need and Desire moves the person towards the Growth. Growth should be a continuous progress, but not in a sudden growth. If it is like that, it’s a baseless building. Step by Step growth in a life

Creating Vision, Mission and Goals for your Business

Creating Vision, Mission and Goals for your Business   An Idea can gives you the creativity business. Execution can give success more than an Idea. Still we are finding ourselves about the business, that we are going to start or already done. Business needs its value more than the money. Yes, everyone feels in their heart that the money is the primary factor on starting the business. But, we need a value for our business. The value is nothing but it's an appearance, what we say like Vision, Mission, Goals, Statement for our business. The Appearance for a business makes it different in the society, not only in the value but a trustworthiness. Mostly for any business, the value appeared or referred to as VISION, MISSION and GOALS. VISION is nothing but it's a perspective, what would you want to be or where you want to go ? A Future one and it needs to be a primary one for the business. If my business is a Service oriented, then what thing i can provide in the future by the busi

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018

  My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018   I love to learn and use the Fundamental Analysis for buying or Selling Stocks. Last time, i was updated my stocks portfolio on November 2017 and this time i had a few changes on my portfolio. The Value referred on my stock buying is only based on own analysis, it would not be recommended to buy for anyone. I had tried to investing in various sectors, but specifically invested in Technology at large. HCL and Infosys are the Tech stocks on my portfolio. I had investing in a small on Paint Sector with Berger Paints. You can view my stock portfolio below, updated on April, 2018. There are few changes on allocation on various sectors, due to adding the Castrol India in Oil Industry and some accumulations on Pharma and Auto. Technology is one of my favorite, so that i am holding with more than 30 percent on my stock portfolio. Pharma and FMCG would take the next percent of allocation after the IT-Technology sector. I am used to adding TAT