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How to utilize Mutual Funds instead of Bank Deposits ?

How to utilize Mutual Funds instead of Bank Deposits ? At the last Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the Repo rate for for Banks was reduced by 25 Basis Points. Currently, the REPO rate is at 5.15 Percent. It is noteworthy that the REPO rate has been reduced five times this year. Usually, when the interest rate decreases, the bond yield increases. Similarly when the interest rate increases, then the Bond rates will decrease. So if one consider this situation and invests it, can get significant income. SBI (State Bank of India) had also cut its savings rate for its customers to 3.25 Percent, earlier it was 3.5 Percent. Interest rates for Bank Deposits are also below 7 Percent for One year term and below 9 Percent for a period of Five years. Mutual Funds Schemes can be used as an Alternative for Bank Savings and Deposits. For Cash related transactions like Salary, Money Transfer, Paying EMI, one may rely on a bank savings account. But investing in Mutual Funds Schemes that offer slightly