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Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds

 Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds If there was an opportunity to invest heavily in the Equity Market post 2008, it would be the year 2020 - Covid-19 Market Crash. The Global lock down and Economic Downturn caused by the Epidemic may have brought some good fortune to the Equity investors. Most people who fail in the Stock investing fall into two factors - Greedy(Quick rich) and making the wrong investment decision while timing the market. So, never try to time the Market. Upside and Downside are the nature of the Mr. Market. However it always help to build the great wealth, importantly beat the inflation. Those who make a series of long term investments without any temptation in the volatile are always get succeed. No one can guide you to the wealth for Free. Therefore, attention should be paid to those receive the Advise or recommendation.  If you don't have a time to analyse and invest in the Direct Equity Market, then you can have a Mutual Funds managed by the Fund m

5 Best & Top performing Tax Saving - ELSS Funds - 2019

5 Best & Top performing Tax Saving - ELSS Funds - 2019 There are nearly 50 days to complete this current financial year 2018-2019. The date of Income tax filing will start from the April 1,2019 for the FY2018-19 (Assessment year 2019-20). Tax Rebates and Standard Deduction amount increased in the interim budget of this year, will apply for the next financial year 2019-20. There is no change on Income tax slab and its rate in the recent budget. Most of us, using the Section 80(C) of Income Tax act during the last minute to get the tax exemption for their Taxable income. So, they are impatient and doing their tax saving investments between January and March every year, it's not a good thing. The best time to start to invest for tax saving is at the start of the Financial year and it must be related on your Financial Goals. Under Section 80C of Income tax act, one can save up to Rs. 1.5 lakh in a Financial year. It is also not good to put your whole money in an insurance product f