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Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

 Five techniques for the Wealth Creation Just as there are two sides for a Coin, like wise the money we have needs two things to grow. No matter what investment plan we seek to invest in, the time and the return ratio give its value. Inflation, Taxation, Investing amount and other factors aside, it is the tenure and the investment rate or returns% that make a person Rich. Money that is earned quickly and easily in the short term can only bring great wealth if it is reinvested and waited to benefit in the long run. Otherwise, its capacity lives for a very short term. The Secret of Wealth is that the poor and middle income wants to make more profit in the short tenure, while the rich sow the money in the long run and wait, then makes a greater wealth. The so-called rich here are the ones who adhere to the Discipline of Investing. No matter what job we are looking for, we can simply follow and implement the thoughts of the Rich. Here we find Five key techniques for creating such Wealth, F

Health and Wealth - The Investing Buddies

Health and Wealth - The Investing Buddies   While planning for the Asset Allocation, we have a sections of assets - create diversification by dividing assets. Diversification is an important factor on Investing, the Investing strategy looks like how we take care of our health. Similarly, Wealth is equal to our Health. If we look both these, it mostly suggests a better reason why we need it all times. In a Financial term, there are two friends and two enemies were working together. Power of Compounding and Equity Investing are the two friends. Inflation and Taxation are the two enemies for everyone in their financial life. You know neither or not, there is a sharp knife that hurts your dream - It's Inflation . Recently we know that taxes were disturbing Long term capital gains on equity, after the Budget India 2018 announcement. Here, we can see how the Health and Wealth correlate, Health Investing vs Wealth Investing:   Health Investing: Getup Early is the key factor for a go