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FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019 The trade war (US-China) has not yet ended. In the month of June 2019, the Domestic institutional investors were the net buyers and the Foreign institutional investors were on the selling side. Automobile sales growth has declined for the past few quarters. India's Final Budget 2019 is expected to be filed in the current week. The Automobile sector is expecting with the tax changes in the upcoming Budget. In June this year, the Foreign Institutional investors (FII) bought shares worth of Rs. 98,712 Crore and sold shares of Rs. 99,400 Crore. Net Sales were at Rs. 688 Crore for the FII in the month of June. At the same time, the Domestic Institutional investors (DII) bought shares of Rs. 58,637 Crore and sold shares worth Rs. 54,994 Crore. The Net Purchase stood at Rs. 3,643 Crore for the DII in the last month. The total number of trading days in June was 19 days. 10 out of 19 days, the FII had the Net sellers. At the same month, the Domestic

FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019 Last month, March 2019 - The Indian Stock Market was hugely focused by the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII). In the month of March, the FII had bought net purchase of Rs. 32,371 Crore and on the other side, the Domestic Institutional Investors(DII) had a net sales of Rs. 13,930 Crore in the equity market. The Indian Stock Market had a very much boost in the recent weeks. The reason for the rise in the market were No changes in the US Fed rate, Dollar-Rupee trade, Crude oil prices and most importantly the election situation in India. There are 19 trading days in the month of March, where the FII bought shares on all trading days except the day of March 29,2019. At the same time, the Domestic investors were the net sellers for the most of the days, except in the four trading days - March 1, 25, 27 and 29. Foreign Investors bought shares worth Rs. 4,323 Crore in a single trading day on 15th March. Where the DII had a highest positive purchase

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2019 On 14th February, it was not a Valentine's Day this year in India. About 40 Soldiers were killed in a Major Suicide attack in the Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir. In response, the Indian Air Force (IAF) attacked the terrorist where they stayed in the Balakot of Pakistan. It was reported that 300 Terrorists were destroyed by the IAF in the Balakot Air Strike. The Stock Market, which had been in the place of Down trend for more than ten days in the period of February 2019. It was getting to climb a little over the next three days, meanwhile the tensions in the border between India and Pakistan were also caused a Staggering moment in the Indian Stock Market. Pakistan's KSE (Karachi Index) reported a tumor in the border on Wednesday (27-02-2019), with a loss of more than 4 percent or about 1500 points. The Nifty and Sensex too volatile in the said period of IAF Air Strike. Generally, the Terror attack and Trade war were the recent

FII and DII Trading activity – January 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – January 2019 In the Current month till today(12-02-2019), the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) have invested about Rs. 33,717 Crore in the Indian cash market. The Net purchase was seen as Rs. 2,989 Crore. At the same time, the Domestic Institutional Investors(DII) have invested Rs. 24,478 Crore and the Net sales was seen of 371 Crore rupees. The Factors that we have for the last few months have yet to decide the course of Indian stock market and even globally - US-China Trade war, Monetary Policy in United States, Crude oil changes and in the domestic, already the budget is over. However the upcoming election date and the Third quarterly results of FY 2018-19 for the Listed companies are now moving the Market. Last January 2018, the trade was seen as a positive feature of FII and DII in the Stock Market. In the January 2018, the FII had a net purchase of Rs. 9,568 Crore and DII had a net purchase of 398 Crore rupees. But this year is not like that m

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018 Last year 2018, the stock market was mostly down in the Trend. The Indian Stock market does not fall below the global market like much more than other countries. In the year of 2018, the NASDAQ fell down nearly 10 percent, the London exchange FTSE declines at 12 percent and the Japanese market down above 11 percent. The Chinese stock market felt down as worse with more than 23 percent. However the Indian market's NSE and BSE were at its low and closed in the green in the past year. Generally an outflow of Foreign Investors in the past will lead to disruption of the Stock Market in India. But now it does not happen. The influx of Domestic investors have now increased. It also happening due to the increase in the size of Indian investors in a Mutual fund investments day by day. It's a welcome and worthy one. In the past year, the Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) have taken out more money from the Indian Market. At the same time, the inflo