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Adjusted Returns on Investment

Adjusted Returns on Investment   If someone asking you,  What is your monthly pay check or Salary ? Then, we are hesitated to tell or show the exact numbers on salary, even after our deduction from salary :) . We are thinking about that we are protecting our income numbers ! That's not a matter, either showing the pay slip or not. But, on our Investment info, we have to be careful about the returns on numbers we earned it. We just enjoying to show this much returns i had on my investments or I had a profit of XXXXX from my investments. But, do you know what is your real returns received on your hand ? Returns on Investment can by type of: Inflation Adjusted Tax Adjusted Risk Adjusted From the previous article, we have seen that about the difference between Real Rate and Nominal Rate of Return. It clearly indicates that we must aware about the Inflation, it hurts our retirement planning and Goal based investments. For Example,  If our Return is 10 % from the investment amo

Investment Returns - Real Rate vs Nominate Rate ?

Investment Returns - Real Rate vs Nominate Rate ? Which one is better for my investment, Real Rate or Nominate Rate ? Basically, the return on an investment defined on a Nominal Rate . So, we have to know, what is a Nominal Rate of Return : A Bank Fixed deposit gives you a 10 % interest (per annum) for your investment. Then, the nominal rate is also 10 % as it reflects the same. So, there is no need for any deduction from the interest bank pays you. When the Nominal rate is adjusted with the inflation rate is known as, " Real Rate of Return ". The Real Rate of return helps the investor(s) to adjust with the inflation and getting to know the exact returns on your hand. Let us see the example, A Bank FD gives you a 10 % interest (p.a) and the inflation rate is at 4 %, then the approximate real rate is: Nominal rate of return (or) Interest Rate - Inflation Rate 10 % - 4 % = 6 %  (An approximate real rate on easy calculation) Effects of Real Rate of  Return: Usually, the Nomi

Why Estate Planning should be mandatory ?

Why Estate Planning should be mandatory ? Do you know about Investing Expenses ? The expenses that can generate (or) produce an income, so that we can save / invest a part of money, would be deducted from our Regular Salary or Business income like as other expenses. We daily saving / investing for our Goal based information. We regularly seeing what about our yield to date (YTD) on Returns. Our Dream goals are better and far more, it may be 20 years or 30 years or more than that. We depositing in a bank, mutual funds, stocks, realty, gold, etc. We are telling these investment instruments  will for the future of our Children. But, would you know, it's exactly fit for our kids or will settle as 100 percent for our kids ? We can't know. That's why we are talking about, ' The Estate Planning'. It's not just like a simple as we are thinking a Real Estate Property. The Estate Planning: “What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you.” So, we should ma

How to E-file ITR 1 online ?

How to E-file ITR 1 online ?   Income Tax Return filing is not so hard, but if you get the basic things right. Nowadays, the government also encouraging to disclose your earning information and the technology really helps to ease the information online. Income Tax Return is a task for the individuals, especially for the employees is a needy one. Employers would make TDS for the employees on account and then the employees can make the file easily through the part of Form 16.   What is ITR- 1 ?   The Income Tax Return (ITR) - 1 is a document or form that required to file by an individual whose total income for the Assessment year includes,   Income from Salary or Pension (or) Income from House Property (or) Income from other sources. ITR- 1 also known as ' Sahaj ' meaning easy in Hindi Language. The following individuals who cannot file this ITR- 1: If an individual's total income exceeds Rs. 50 Lakhs If agriculture income is more than Rs. 5000 If you have