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Common mistakes while on Day Trading (Intraday)

Common mistakes while on Day Trading (Intraday) Investing is a legend, where the trading is an art. Investing is likely a boring, but it's a mean of business. Patience is the key for the Investing and become its success. On the other hand, Trading is a quicker, so you would make bugs. There are few common bugs (or) mistakes that one as a trader would do this emotionally and non-practically. Herd mentality will mostly impact on market price, due to this fact one can also lose the money. Generally, Day Trading or Intra day is a risky one and it decides on Risk to Reward. You cannot just trade simply with the Emotion. You should prepare and practice before entering into the trading in the Stock Market. Be practice more on Paper trading, nowadays there are so many mobile applications available on dummy trade.   Once you plan to trade in real time, Plan for the Trading design . The Trading design is nothing but it's a simple plan that what would you need on today's marke

The Herd Mentality - Behavioral Bias - Value Investing

  The Herd Mentality - Behavioral Bias - Value Investing   By whom, you got inspired in life ?   Many of us, heard this above one and i could not know how many were really inspired. Some one tells, ' I love this man Mr. A ', and the other one, ' S he is absolutely a fabulous person ', ' He is my inspiring leader and motivator '.  Got Inspired is a special one, when you follow a person, who already got succeed and this may help to quick up your life - Financial or Literate . No doubt, Inspiring is a special one on thought. But, have you influenced by someone or something ? The worst trap of  these days is just influencing by misguide. There are lot of Media exposure, Social Networking that easily influenced everyone to nothing. Really, no need to compromise on this regard. Some one just throwing the useless information to the public, that leads to the herd. May the Influence using this to get rid for publicity, defamation, spoilt the competitor's brand, or