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How to repay your Home Loan Smartly ?

How to repay your Home Loan Smartly ? If buying a Home is a dream, then getting a Home loan and paying the EMI(Equated Monthly Installment) for the next 30 Years is a disturbing moment. A Home that you bought through loan is not an Immediate Asset. Until you get into the loan of 30 years, it's a Liability - but not as an Asset. It is good to have a single home on Needs. It is not good while trying to buy 2 or 3 houses, buying a home for Tax Savings through EMI. Don't forget that it can also lead to a Debt Trap. If you have too much money on cash and planning to enter into the Real Estate business - Buying and Selling Property, Rental Property for generating higher Passive Income, then it's your choice. The Majority of the Middle class people are in Financial trouble, due to their loans, which is more than 50 Percent of their Regular Income. Home Loan, Personal Loans, Car Loan are long listed. However we should get out of the Debt soon. Here, we can take an example about how