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How train up for Battle Field?

How train up for Battle Field?   The Rules available and applicable to battle field is ‘ To Win or To Die ’ in the field. There is no choice to step back. Which type of character is now need to achieve ? During summer the forest is full of drought. All animals are affected by starvation. One Tiger is also affected by starvation. It find a dead elephant in its path, even though full of hungry it won’t go for that dead one. It’s not its behavior , it could hunting the prey and eat. It’s only sustains the quality. Like wise people should known for his victory in the field or could die bravely in the battle field. Even Needle is better than Sword in the Battle. When our soul is filled by fury about our aim.   Two types of strategy usually followed in the battle field. One is the proper training before entering ; And the other one is getting train up in the field itself. Based on the withholding capacity of the people. Success is the continuous learning process. When you stopped the learni

How is my Budget Planning today – Jan-Mar 2018 – PQFR

How is my Budget Planning today – Jan-Mar 2018 – PQFR   I am happy to welcome you, for " How is my Budget Planning Today " section. This is my fourth and final quarter for the financial year 2017-18 ( FY 17-18 ). There are lot of changes we need when the year started, but we mostly failed to plan on our PLAN. So, Prevention and Perseverance is the best thing to do while planning. So, i was finished with a full set of my PQFR for the financial year 2017-18 by this post. The Personal Quarterly Financial Reports are based on Super Budget 50:30:20 . As, you can also google it for this formula and i already mentioned this related on my past article. There are little bit of changes on the Super Budget 50:30:20 while it insists you to make a plan depending on your current financial situation. So, you cannot say with the exactly numbers on Super Budget, it still make changes slightly.   You can also see my previous Personal Financial Quarterly Report (PQFR) are below here... How is

The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company

The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company   India's Biggest IT - Software Company named, ' Tata Consultancy Services ' or TCS creates a record on Stock Exchange yesterday. A remarkable note that the company raised its market capitalization more than 100 Billion US Dollar . Not only raising the capitalization, but also the first ever Indian company crosses this $100 billion mark. The Public Listed Company (TCS) in Stock Exchange recently posted its 4th Quarter results (FY18) with a profit of Rs. 6904 Crores by 4.50 percent growth from the previous quarter. TCS were also announced the 1:1 Bonus issue to the share holders and a final dividend of Rs. 29 /- per share by the growth result. It also said that the demand space in Digital Technology made its contract transactions as successful and this result ended in a special one. The $100 Billion Company started in the year of 1968 and became the biggest software company in India, now holds its position as one of the World&#

My Sibling Failure

My Sibling Failure   Are you want to be a loser ?   Can anyone have the guts to want to be a loser. May be not for all !   Yes , i want to be loser all the time. It's my Self-reliant statement. Why because, i face the success very often but my sibling is travel with me through out the life. So, i must give the value to my sibling - " FAILURE ". People in the world, mostly don't like to fell down or fail, but i like to do. I love to face the failure, but afraid to hold the success. Why i am getting afraid to hold the success, while other people in the world are celebrating their success, even in little things too. The Reason behind is, I am greedy. If i taste the word of success, i want more and more, an Endless one. For the Endless one, i have to travel with my sibling. In the world, the success people one may belonged to the poor family, unknown in struggling time, Even after getting as fame, they still enjoy with the same lifestyle what they had in the past. Because

How to develop new ideas for your business ?

How to develop new ideas for your business ?   An Idea is the seed of everything, as we are living in a not only in the technology world. But we are in the worth of ideas like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistant, Robotics and finally we are here with Automation now. Everyone needs an idea is the reason to start their business or just startup. However, Idea is a Psychological one and it's a mental representation consists of different objects. An Idea is also derived from the dreams you had. Still, a person finds a stage that how i have to develop these ideas for the business. Let's see how it comes here.   Developing of New Ideas: Take a Shower bath and be ready with a note book Write down your ideas (Not only Business) whatever you feel or think or like . You should take time to note your ideas and a crucial one. Take a Screening process with Macro and Micro scenario. One needs to check their new ideas with macro and micro elements, so that you may need for the raw mate

Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny

Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny   The Word, ' PERSEVERANCE ' and ' INFERENCE ', which plays everyone's life in a dramatic manner. These two things have related and fought each other that who could rule this part of human life. If Perseverance wins, then the people will get success in their life. On the other part, Inference will give the comment over success or failure of the people. The human life having the perseverance in their live field and the people who claim inference, are the audience rider. In the Forest, Deer stands to prey for a Tiger. If a tiger gets success in all attempts which tried, then the deer will exit. But, the deer breed survives till now due to their perseverance. It is an Evolution by the nature and If a tiger fails because of its inference, still it wants to try at a chance. Tiger will not give up due to its hunger, otherwise the breed of tiger will not exist. Now the people in this world, loud to appraise the achievement of