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What's your Earning - A Personal Cash Flow Meter

What's your Earning  - A Personal Cash Flow Meter Earning money, isn't an easy one ? Absolutely, Earning money is an easy one, but it's hard to keep (grow) it. I mean that the Jobs and Earning money are easy on these techie days. Somebody have the value on their Dignity, Prosper and many of us have, earning more (Money) is a big value. Still, few one can make easy and more of them think that, it's hard to earn. Everyone of us, feeling that the rich one have more money and other's can't. But is it a right away to tell ? Not always, many of us hurting their health to make wealth (Money). Even Apple's Steve Jobs had earned a lot and respect too, but the health was not support for him. I am not telling you that, you have to earn more to be Rich (or) Financially Independent . The think is, how you utilize the earnings and to grow, while you have a little money or No job. What you have Earned ? As an individual, he earns  ₹  1,00,000 /- salary per month and spend