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5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)

5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)   The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation for the month of August 2018 went down to 3.69 Percent. Earlier it was 4.17 percent in the month of July as for the developing nation. Here I am taking the last 5 years historical data of CPI India numbers to analyze. For India after 2010, the index for inflation was changed from the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to Consumer Price Index by the Central Bank – RBI. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) also had given the CPI with a base year 2012 = 100. However, CPI is an important factor to decide the Inflation / Deflation. There are more than 25 Index categories to analyze the prize changes in the CPI Data, especially the data split as Rural and Urban.   Finding the Inflation using CPI numbers is not a hard task, which most of the developed and upcoming nations are using scrutinized. The Lowest and Highest CPI numbers are 86.81 and 140.40 respectively .  The Last one year

How the Inflation would be calculated using CPI in India ?

How the Inflation would be calculated using CPI in India ?   Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an economic measurement to finding the Inflation Rate . It also used to analyze the weighted average of price changes of a collection of particular goods and services. The Goods and services are likely Food, Transportation, Clothing, Education, Medical or any other goods or services. So, the calculation for CPI  is nothing but by taking the price changes in every item on the collection of goods and services and then average the total price changes, then divided by the base year. How the CPI can be calculated ? Already we know that there is a price for every item in a collection of goods and services and the collection should be averaged. The term, ‘Collection’ often referred as a ‘Basket’ . For example, if the Toned Milk priced at Rs. 45 per litre and 100 gram of butter at a price of Rs. 45 in the month of January 2018 and the total consumption is 2 litres of milk and 100 gm of butter. Then the b

Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Inflation eases at 2.84 % for January 2018

Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Inflation eases at 2.84 % for January 2018     Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Inflation India eases at 2.84 % for the month of January 2018, which is a 6 months low due to the decrease price of Food products and fuel. There was a 1.88 % WPI inflation for the last July 2018.   The WPI for the December 2017 was at 3.58 % as compared to this January, the recent inflation difference with the previous was at 0.74 %. The Vegetables are at low and the Onions were at high prices in January.   Wheat, Egg, Fish and Meat are the low prices, but the Fruits went high. Due to this, the inflation slightly adjusted with average there. The Fuel prices are also decreased to 1.2 % this January, as it was at 8.8 percent in the last December 2017. Vegetables and Onion Inflation Prices are 40.77 percent and 194 percent respectively. The Fruit prices were at 8.50 percent. The Fuel and energy went at 4 %   ( Read this post after the advertisement... )       The Retail Inflation (Consu

CPI Retail Inflation rises to 5.21 % - December 2017

CPI Retail Inflation rises to 5.21 % - December 2017   The Central Statistical Office(CSO) recently reported the Consumer price index (CPI) retail inflation for India, its rises to 5.21 % in the month of December 2017.    India's retail inflation for december 2017 is at 5.21 percent, and for the November at 4.88 percent, the october had its 3.58 %.   The current inflation of December as it had the 17 month high, since in the mid of august, 2016.   Food and beverages stood at 4.85 %, Clothing and footwear at 4.8 percent, and the housing, energy with 8.25 percent and 7.90 % respectively.   Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) expected inflation for the second half of the financial year 2018, is between 4.3 to 4.7 percent. But it had crossed the expectation mark.   So, may the RBI changes the rates in the upcoming policy meeting. The next meeting for the policy will held on February 7, 2017.   As the RBI's expectation is not well, but the SBI said, i