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Asian Paints - Q3FY20 - Net Profit of Rs. 764 Crore

Asian Paints - Q3FY20 - Net Profit of Rs. 764 Crore - Quarterly Results Indian multinational company Asian Paints has been serving its business in the Paints Industry - Manufacturing, Selling and Distribution of Paints, Coatings, Decorative Products and other related services. Asian Paints had a 54 Percent Market Share in the Indian Paints Industry. It is the Premier Paint Company in India and the third largest in its sector in Asia. The Company was established in the year of 1942, which the Market Capitalization stands at Rs. 1.71 Lakh Crore. Currently, the Price to Earning ratio stood at 63 and the Book value is around Rs. 105. Debt to Equity ratio is 0.03, where the Debt of Rs. 312 Crore for this Paint Company. The Interest Coverage Ratio(ICR) is good at 36 Times which is good on Fundamentals. The Promoters holding of 53 Percent in this stock, where the Promoters Pledging of Shares were 13 Percent. Currently, the Market Price of this stock is trading at 17 Times of its Book value. 

5 Basic Formulas for Investment - Beginners

5 Basic Formulas for Investment - Beginners Whether you are investing in a Stock(Share) or a Mutual Funds Scheme, there are certain formulas are applicable to all types of Investment avenues. Most importantly, these formulas will help those who are putting their money in Banks and Post Office Savings. Learning about a Mathematical Formula in our school days can be exhausting and a bored one for the most. But in the time of making money, we have the opportunity to learn the art of Making Money with Investing and Savings. A lot of people may not like the word, ' Money '. They may lie to hide their Financial Status. It's their Personal Obligation related to Money. But everyone likes to Counting Money, Spending More Money and Investing it to make Double, Triple, Quadruple, etc. So, it makes them lot of happy while doing this. I am not just saying these words, but the World Economy says. There are 5 Basic Mathematical Formulas especially for the Investment Area and it is just fo

India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion - December 2019

India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion - December 2019 The key factors driving the Indian Stock Market in 2020 are Budget India 2020 which will be presented in February, Crude Oil Changes, Changes in Automobile and Technology, US Elections and Trade tension between nations. So there will be no famine for the Stock Market in the upcoming months. Most of the Global stock indices had ended with a positive returns in the last year 2019. However there is no denying that an uncertainty environment exists worldwide. Already the US Stock Indices and Indian Stock Market - both at its high. It is better to invest in Mid cap and Small Cap stocks based on Fundamentals rather than seeing the market at its high. India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion in the month of December 2019. Earlier, it was said to USD 12.12 Billion in the month of November 2019. Imports were fell down to 8.8 Percent year on year to USD 38.61 Billion. This is happened due to import of Transpor

India's CPI Inflation to 7.35 Percent - Shook the Chill

India's CPI Inflation to 7.35 Percent in December 2019 - Shook the Chill India's Consumer Price Index - the Retail Inflation is on the contrary with the Country's GDP growth, the so-called Economic growth of the Country. Inflation for the month of December 2019 was 7.35 Percent, as compared to 1.97 Percent in January 2019. The Inflation for December 2019 was said earlier, around 6 Percent by the Market Projection. Due to the price hike in Food Products, the said inflation of 7.35 Percent was happened. What is even more shocking, that the Retail Inflation has breached the RBI's Target of around 6 Percent, earlier it was about 4 Percent. Consumer Price Index Inflation has been said to be driven by the recent rise in Food Prices. Vegetables were also increased by 60 Percent. Pulses rose by 15 Percent. Food and Beverages were also increased by 12 Percent in the month of December 2019. The Prices of Cereals, Dairy Products, Clothing and Shoes, Housing and Fuel & Light we

FII and DII Trading activity – December 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – December 2019 With the Sino-US Trade war raging throughout the Past year 2019, the US-Iran War Tensions has only begun the beginning of this current year 2020. The Global Economy slowdown is yet to be remedied. The Biggest impact and the factors this year will be the Trade War, Crude Oil Price Challenges, US Election and the GDP numbers of Asian Countries. Throughout this month and February 2020, the Listed Company's Q3FY20 earnings are coming out. For the period of December 2019, the Trading activity had arrived with both signs on FII and DII. The Foreign Institutional Investors are the Net Buyers, where the Domestic Investors are the Net Sellers of said month - December 2019. The Foreign investors had a Gross Purchase of Rs. 99,178 Crores worth of shares and Gross Sales worth Rs. 98,483 Crore, so the Net Purchase were stood at Rs. 694 Crore for the month of December. The Domestic Institutional Investors had a Gross Purchase of Rs. 65,743 Crore and a