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Two Cluttered things to be avoided to being an Entrepreneur

Two Cluttered things to be avoided to being an Entrepreneur Being an Entrepreneur is a Life-long journey. In this journey we have to face many challenges to succeed. Success and Failures are not a fixed one, but we need to craft ourselves. Problem solving is the primary key for any business and being for the Entrepreneurship. If we learn a lot of things on Entrepreneurship, the following two things will surely save us from slipping on a while. Most Influential Entrepreneurs were follow these things to become successful in their personal and Business. Don't React Don't Judge Don't react on things what others say. Sometimes emotional things are the leading to Failure. If someone says that you are not good at some, you don't care about that. This was happened in our Personal life too, Accept the situation even if doesn't favor of you. I am telling that you should accept the situation happened, but not on the things you got. So, it will help you to avoid emotional

How insurance plays in an individual's financial life ?

How insurance plays in an individual's financial life ? Risk is a chance related to expose to Danger. Risk is defined not only for the Management, but also for an individual. Risk Pertains anywhere though it should be planned and declared accordingly. Nowadays, there is a protection from risk called Insurance plays an important role in everyone's financial life. Dev Asish of was said about how the insurance impact in our life. One of his article he said, Yes. Buying Health Insurance protects your Wealth, not Health. So, generally insurance will very helpful to support your financial status. Coming to the nature of risk, the insurance which manages the risk and provide the protection from the loss of economic benefits that got from any assets. In the modern days, we cannot avoid the loss of like disabilities or death. If the loss is an earning person in his or her family, it leads to risk. By avoiding this unexpected one, one should cover with an Insurance w

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1 Human is a Social animal, Human could not live alone in the earth. They must mingle with others for their day- to- day life. We could not find a person without friends. Everyone in the world have friends, even good or bad activities. They are grown together and achieve the same. In all Happy, Sad and in an emergency time, we at once call our friends and then only family and relatives. This shows how much friends are important in any life. Everyone’s life has some important impact got from friends and others and something get from speech of popularity and their role models. I had also some impact get from life and some of them from my role models. Let’s see some of them. Impact One: School Teacher In my school days, one of my English Teacher was given some impact on me. As like of other teacher, he was also same kind of nature, but his aspect about the life make difference and were really tremendous. One fine day in our class, he started the stor

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018 A good month for the Indian Stock Market this year is October 2018. Would you believe ? Obviously, it was a great journey for the Investors and Intradayers' in the last month, who had not seen the 2008 Bear hand. But, still the last month is a bearish one and not yet complete this great journey. We have to wait for an opportunity as an Investor, some stocks are trading nearby the valuation - not for most of the stocks. For Intra day, you should keep your eye on SELL - BUY. If you want to speculate now, you can't recover easily or immediately. Again i am telling, it's bear hand on time. Trade war, Dollar-Rupee conversion, Crude oil price change, Federal interest rate hike and Financial sector's bad loan pressure are the news keeping down the market for the past few months. The Net sales of Rs. 29,201 Crore for the October month by the FII in the trading activity. On the other side, the domestic investors (DII) had a