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India's Direct to Home(DTH) Service - Market View

  India's Direct to Home(DTH) Service - Market View Direct to Home(DTH) service is a method of receiving Satellite television through Signals from broadcasted Satellites. In India, the said live broadcast was approved by the Central Government in the year 2000. There are about 18 Crore Television and 7 Crore Subscribers for DTH service domestically. As per subscriber numbers, India is the Largest Direct to Home Market globally. There are 4 Paid service providers are on the private sector and Only one Free Service provider which is governed by the Govt of India - Prasar Bharati. Dish TV is the first DTH service provider in Indian, which was launched in the year 2003. The Free DTH service is provided by the Public broadcaster Prasar Bharati. The Four Paid service providers are, Dish TV Tata SKY Airtel Digital Sun Direct Dish TV is the part of Zee group, which have a domestic Market share of around 30.50 Percent. d2h and Zing Digital were also the product of Zee Entertainment Enterpri

India's unemployment rate is rising again - CMIE

 India's unemployment rate is rising again - CMIE During the Covid-19 Lock down in India, most of the workers in the country lost their jobs. This was especially the case in Informal employment. The lock down was extended in the following months as the number of Covid cases increased.  There was no major impact in the Food based industry due to unforeseen demand. The country's unemployment rate rose 23.52 Percent in the month of April 2020, which was seen as 8.75 Percent in March 2020. This was said to be unprecedented in the History. In April 2020, the unemployment rate was 24.95 Percent in Urban areas and 22.89 Percent in the Rural. Then in the month of May, unemployment rate was 21.73 Percent. It was seen as 10.18 Percent in the end of June 2020.  It is noteworthy that this rate, which then gradually declined and was in the range of 6-8 Percent during the period from July to November this year. Most of the Companies were reported that have more than 50 Percent employees comi

India's Retail Inflation to 6.93 Percent - CPI November 2020

 India's Retail Inflation to 6.93 Percent - CPI November 2020   India's inflation rate has been rising in the current Financial year 2020-21. The CPI(Consumer price index) Retail inflation, which stood at 5..84 Percent in the month of March 2020 and then peaked at 7.6 Percent in October 2020. The said 7.61 Percent rate was said to be the highest in Six years. According to the RBI's Inflation policy, the retail price inflation target has been set between 2-6 Percent in the short term. However, the Inflation for November 2020 stood at 6.93 Percent. For the eight consecutive months, the country's retail inflation rate has been rising above the Central bank's Target. The said CPI inflation is high due to significant increases in the price of Food, Housing, Tobacco, Footwear and Clothing. Food and beverages were accounted for 46 Percent of the Total under Consumer Price Index list. Dairy products at 6.61 Percent, Cereals and products contributed with 9.67 Percent and Veg

Again it's an alert - Stock Market is a Business

  Again it's an alert - Stock Market is a Business   The Stock Market is not a place to Speculate and the stocks are not just numbers on Paper ! They are the value of a Business. We have the idea that if we buy or sell a share of the Stock Market that is all. But keep in mind that there is an industry behind it. Like how we are buying tomatoes and potatoes in the Vegetable market, we can see lot of things it are industry dependent.  Things like Agricultural land, Farmer, Cultivation, Labour cost, From Cropping to Harvest, then Harvest to Storage, Transportation, Pricing and Profits, more than Value added products are industry based. The same would reflected in the Stock Market for the stocks. This is the value what the world's Richest man and Value Investor Warren Buffett says,   “ I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and I am a better businessman because I am an investor.”  Generally, the value of a company or business is in its ability to generate revenue. 

The Two sides of Time Value of Money

 The Two sides of Time Value of Money Just as a Coin has two sides, so money has a two things for time to grow. No matter what investment avenues we invest in, there are few things to know that go beyond the Investment returns. They are like Inflation, Taxes and Reinvestment opportunity. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about Money. Yes, every one thinks that for growing wealth - Big Profits or High returns is important. However the Profits or High returns are not the only reason for money to grow. It's time, the Investment period is always important and considered to be as Mandatory. The more time we give our money to grow, the more it's growth will be. The reason for this is the benefit of Compound Interest. Power of Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. It is the miraculous weapon of the Super Rich today. There is another side of Compound interest is available as well. If the Compound interest would benefit for the Future weal