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IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2017

  IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2017   IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development authority of India) declared the annual report for 2017 (2016-17) in their website recently (Jan 4, 2018), LIC India tops in the list of insurance companies on claim settlement ratio and related information for 2017.   In the Annual report, LIC India 's claim settlement ratio stands with 98.31 % for the year 2016-17 as listed in the top by IRDA.   The pending complaints of LIC is almost went to zero and the claims repudiated or rejected status at 0.97 %   The unclaimed of LIC reports with 0.31 %  out of total claims. on the other hand, private insurance companies dealt with 0.58 %           Private companies claim settlement ratio at 93.72 % is the lowest as compared with the LIC India and the claim rejected for private at 4.85 % out of the total claims.   These reports are based on the Individual death claims of life insurers and not with the group insurance.   While LIC India hits