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Link your Aadhaar to your PAN – Before 31st March 2019

Link your Aadhaar to your PAN – Before 31st March 2019 (Extended to September 2019)* If you are not an income tax payer, but you may received an Email from the Income Tax Department recently (Income Tax India E Filing Website). That email tells you the timeline of link your Aadhaar number with your PAN (Permanent Account Number) before 31st March, 2019. You cannot file the income tax returns in future, if you do not link the Aadhaar to your PAN before the said date. It is said to be better link the Aadhaar Number with the PAN, even if you are not a regular Tax Payer. Still, there is an exempt for the below categories from PAN-Aadhaar linking process. It is also not mandatory for the following persons, Resident Individuals in the state of Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Meghalaya Individuals who are not citizen of India Individuals who are Non-resident Individuals who are 80 Years or Above. For linking Aadhaar Number with your PAN, just go to the below link, Income Tax India E