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My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019 When i posting this article, Nifty50 crossed 11,000 points and S&P BSE Sensex closed at 36,636 points in the Indian Stock Market. Small cap and Mid cap were rallied for the last three Trading days. Nifty Small cap 100 and Mid cap 100 earned a returns of 7.80 % and 4.70 percent respectively in the past one week. The Nifty50 has given a 6 percent return for the past one year, but the Mid cap and Small cap failed to benefit the Investors. The last one year return for the Mid cap 100 is (-10.20) percent and the Small cap 100 was down (-23.20) percent. Although the bear market in India has not gone yet, but the market has recently been improving. After with the Interim Budget 2019 and the border tension worsened, the Indian Stock Market has seen good progress. The Trade war between the nations has not yet stopped. After the end of February 2019, it looks favorable conditions in my Stock Portfolio. I have added a few quantity on TYRE Indus

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018 It's my new Stock portfolio, i am posting here after quitting my regular job. After that I started to invest a little bit more aggressively. Prior to this, I had a long term strategy, and now i have invested in the stock market for my short term needs too. I did not recommend this initiative, what i am doing now. Everyone should try to see the Stock market as a long term investment. So, it will take care of you for the long life. Those with a short term goals or needs, they may choose mutual funds. Tata Motors standing position in my Stock portfolio, is still making a difference on my capital and as well as on Return on Investment(ROI). Now, the ROI for the Tata Motors for me is at (-40) percent . The Slowdown in sales combined with JLR has reduced the net profit. However it looks as if JLR and other business of Tata Motors are looking different, then it will be good on that scenario. In the last year 2018, the Stock market hadn'

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on August 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on August 2018   Keep Learning and to teach the Fundamental Analysis is a regular skill for me, I am an avid value investor. The Previous quarter (Q4FY18) of my stock portfolio returns are at 11.21 percent. I am just telling the exact returns that what i am holding now, but not on the booking profits (Realized Gain). Already you know that the worst part of my stock portfolio, TATA Motors are making a loss of nearly 20 percent in the previous quarter (April 2018). Now, it's adding a loss of 10 percent i.e. (-30.12) percent and awaiting for the results of Expansion :) Currently, my stock portfolio returns are at 18.99 percent as on 31st August, where National Aluminium making a profit of 64 % and the next one is Infy at 50 percent. I accumulated a few in the Oil Sector. The Sector diversification stood at 40.37 percent on IT , 14.34 % with Banking, 12.55 percent on FMCG / Tobacco. Pharma stocks holding with 14.87 percent, Aluminium of 2.88 percent

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018

  My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018   I love to learn and use the Fundamental Analysis for buying or Selling Stocks. Last time, i was updated my stocks portfolio on November 2017 and this time i had a few changes on my portfolio. The Value referred on my stock buying is only based on own analysis, it would not be recommended to buy for anyone. I had tried to investing in various sectors, but specifically invested in Technology at large. HCL and Infosys are the Tech stocks on my portfolio. I had investing in a small on Paint Sector with Berger Paints. You can view my stock portfolio below, updated on April, 2018. There are few changes on allocation on various sectors, due to adding the Castrol India in Oil Industry and some accumulations on Pharma and Auto. Technology is one of my favorite, so that i am holding with more than 30 percent on my stock portfolio. Pharma and FMCG would take the next percent of allocation after the IT-Technology sector. I am used to adding TAT

My Portfolio - Stocks - Updated on Nov - 2017

My Portfolio - Stocks - Updated on Nov - 2017 " My Portfolio " - I am preferring to buy the stocks through Value Investing (Fundamental Analysis). Here-now, i wish to report my portfolio - Stocks which is updated on November, 2017     You can notify that, my investment goes in different sector like Banks, Pharmaceuticals, IT - Technology, Automobiles. I have been heavily invested in Technology about 40 percent with the shares - HCL and Infosys (Infy) and the lowest in Paints with Berger Paints - 1.75 % I am also looking to invest in Energy, but not now with the current valuation. Result Session:   As on November 30, 2017 - My Portfolio (Stocks) returns with 10.22 %  (2017-18) Past three years (Financial) returns are: 10.43 % (2015-16), 12.51 % (2016-17), 10.22 % (2017-18). Currently, 8 of 10 stocks are Advanced (Profit) and 2 stocks are declined (Loss). On my stock portfolio, NALCO performed with the highest returns of  ( 106 % ) on my investment and the