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How to create a long term asset by Stocks - Lesson 2

How to create a long term asset by Stocks ? - Lesson 2 We can add a wealth of excellence only through Long term Investing in stocks or shares. Generally, Bank Deposits and Postal Savings are referred as Small Savings Schemes. When it comes to Investing, the risk is always there. If there are fluctuations or volatile, then it is said to be as 'INVESTING'. Otherwise, it is just a Savings. For example, Bank and Postal Deposits are offering fixed rate of interest. Hence there is low risk or No risk on these savings instruments. These savings cannot afford Inflation and Tax Liability. Where in the investing, there is a risk between moderate to High. Better returns that can beat inflation and provide Tax Concessions. And it has a volatile - Up - Down - Up - Down. This is what the Gold, Silver, Real Estate and Business are doing regularly. That is the reason we can increase our wealth in the long run. Without volatile, we cannot make huge money or create wealth. We have to lookout at

Long Term Capital Gains Tax - Equity - Explained 2018

  Long Term Capital Gains Tax - Equity - Explained 2018   Budget India 2018 reported by the Finance minister Mr. Arun jaitley last week (1st Feb, 2018) that everyone was expected on Income Tax slab changes and related on Tax saving things. But, nothing has done on these expectations. The Budget proposed to tax for the equity on Long term Capital Gains (LTCG), and this unseen destined the investors in the market on same day. They started the Long term Capital Gains for equity taxed at 10 % without indexation, if the capital gains exceeding more than 1 lakh rupee. This is applicable too for equity oriented mutual funds. This proposed tax is not a new thing, but before the Former Finance minister Mr. Chidambaram revamping it in the budget 2004-05, proposed to abolish the tax on long term capital gains for equity and recommend to levy a small tax called, 'Securities Transaction Tax (STT) ". Now, Mr. Arun Jaitley brought back this with tax at 10 %, but not removing the Securities

Way to plan for the Retirement

Way to plan for the Retirement Modern lifestyle hungers with the Job and Money. Everyone needs and stands with their Retirement. also responding more for 'Retire Early' than 'Retirement Planning' . So, Retire Early is a kind of word, but plan for the retirement is so important today. As we are growing gradually, but the tech Gadgets and our Expenses are growing rapidly. What about the Retirement Planning ? It is an Obvious plan, ensure that you have a sufficient money or income to meet the expenses, when you are at the stage of retirement. The most common goal for everyone's at their retirement stage is a regular income to meet the expenses, (i.e) Pension or getting a regular cash flow from the created corpus for Retirement. One must go to achieve this, they should Save and Invest. It's not just saving, but Investing it. The Regular savings and Investing at early stage and will give a regular income by the Created Asset or Corpus.     (Image courtes