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The Power of Entrepreneurship - Titbit

The Power of Entrepreneurship - Titbit When you get a Job and satisfied with that, you can't create a Social Value. Even after getting a job, you should focus on helping others to get a job or educate someone and lift their life. It's the devotion of Fundamental Education. The youth need to be enabled to become Job generators from Job seekers - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam When we get into the Business with new ideas, we can create a good social values. Employment will also increase, which will support for the Country's Growth. Entrepreneurship is a different one while comparing with a Business. Investing is not a matter of concern while pursuing Entrepreneurship, it's the Ideas which prepared to plan. Mentorship and Incubation is essential in today's Entrepreneurship. Even it's any Idea, Execution is important - So implement it. The availability of a business is not just Profitability, it is also mandatory to protect the People and Planet.  Another one myth is that an En

Attractive Stock - Thyrocare Technologies Ltd - Fundamental Analysis

Attractive Stock - Thyrocare Technologies Ltd - Fundamental Analysis The Company was started in the year 1996, making the business with the Preventive Care Laboratories. India's First laboratory automation was happened in Thyrocare. The Founder of this company, Mr. Velumani, Ex-Scientist of BARC, India. Currently, the Market Cap is around Rs. 3,300 Crore. The Book value is said to be Rs. 75 and the Current Market Price is trading at Rs. 612 per share, which is 8 Times more than the Book value. Promoters holding of 66 Percent and there is no pledging of shares by the Promoters side. Debt to Equity stands at 0.03, which is a healthy one for the Value Investors. The Interest Coverage Ratio(ICR) is at 140 Times. At the end of September 2019 quarter, the Reserves are Rs. 344 Crore in the Company Balance Sheet. For the FY2018-19, the Company's revenue was Rs. 370 Crore and the expenses are Rs. 222 Crore. The PBT was Rs. 147 Crore and the Net Profit was declared as Rs. 95 Crore. The E

Three Important things to know if you are being an Entrepreneur

Three Important things to know if you are being an Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Journey is not as easy as we think. Being an Entrepreneur is nothing but, Pledging your entire life for something you want to be. Even if you haven't lost anything in your life till now, Entrepreneurship Matters. Every time you make a mistake in your Entrepreneurship, it will push you Forward, not backward. The Success here is possible only if you patiently understand the Situation and move on to Learning. Otherwise, you would be trapped in the Magical Web of the Outside World. There are so many Business Plans and Models for Entrepreneurs to make Success in their Journey. The same Plans, Rules and models are also applied for Failure too. Who are preparing for their Entrepreneurship or those who are already involved as Entrepreneur, can learn about preparing Financial related things, Registering their Business and other Taxation Rules. The Three things to follow that one should learn being an Entreprene

Would you buy HEG LTD ? Q3FY20 quarterly results impact

Would you buy HEG LTD ? Q3FY20 quarterly results impact HEG (Hindustan Electro Graphite) LTD is a part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group and one of the Leading manufacturer of Graphite Electrode in India. The Company exports more than 70 Percent of its production to more than 30 Countries across the world, as per the Official website. The LNJ Bhilwara Group had more than 50 years of industrial experience in various sectors. The Founder of the company had started his first textile mill in the year of 1961. Then came out with the evolution in Energy, IT Services, Medical, Textiles and Graphite Electrodes. The Company's revenue for the FY2018-19 was Rs. 6,591 Crore and the Net Profit was said to be Rs. 3,026 Crore. Currently the Market Capitalization for HEG LTD is around Rs. 4,000 Crore. The Book value stood at Rs. 1,038 and the Current Market Price is near to the said book value. The Debt to Equity ratio is 0.16 which is not bad for the investors. The Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR) is 40 tim

FII and DII Trading activity – January 2020

FII and DII Trading activity – January 2020 The Chinese Stock Market - Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 7 Percent in the first trading day, after the Lunar Festival holidays. Due to the Corona Virus, the Crude prices were also fell down below $USD 50 per barrel in the beginning of this week. India's Budget for FY 2020-21 was announced last Saturday (01-02-2020). The Budget for India set out long term goals and appropriate Funding to boost the Economy.  However there is no change in the LTCG (Long term capital gains) and introduced a New Tax Regime (Optional) for the Personal Income Tax. The Dividend Distribution Tax Changes and other Taxation is not favorable to the Indian Stock Market on that Budget day. Importantly, on the Budget India 2020 day - the Foreign institutional investors had sold shares worth Rs. 2000 Crore and on the other side, the Domestic institutional investors bought shares of worth Rs. 37 Crore in the Indian Equity Market. Unexpectedly, the Post Budget ma