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Budget India 2019 - Highlights

Budget India 2019 - Highlights Over the past few weeks, the Indian Stock market was moving forward with the expectation of Budget Announcement. The Indian Stock market rallied before the budget day and in the budget day. No one expected on budget day, the prices of Automobile sector went up due to the price cut on GST and related news on Agriculture. On February 1st, the budget bill for the 2019 was announced by the Finance Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal in parliament. Finance Minister said in the end of budget day, 'It's not an interim budget, this budget is the roadmap for development for Indian economy '. As everyone expected, the offer had in the Income Tax. Without changing the rates in the Income Tax slab, cleverly the tax rebate was offered. It was called as a budget that would benefit for the Farmers, the Unorganized Labors and the middle class men. However as the opposition parties said that the budget was based on upcoming election. So, we can expect what are the thing

Economic Survey 2018 for the Budget India

Economic Survey 2018 for the Budget India   Economic Survey 2018 for the Budget, was reported by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley in the Parliament last day (29.01.2018, Monday) and also with President of India's presence - Mr. Ramnath Kovind. The Budget for the year 2018 will be held on 1st February. This coming budget is Arun Jaitley's fifth and the last for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Party in this period. There are so many things discussed in the economic survey 2018 meet and some of the highlights for you,   India's GDP growth expectation at 6.75 % for the Financial Year 2017-18 and will be around 7 - 7.5 % growth for the FY19.   Fiscal Deficit will stand with 3.2 % for the Financial year 2018 and the Retail Inflation will be 3.3 % (FY 18). Industrial growth expectation at 3.2 % and the Export growth at 12.1 %   Recently, Inflation (Consumer price index -CPI) stood at 5.2 % in December 2017, which was 17 months high and the export also gains