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Where are the investors going ? - Worst Scenario of Retail Investors

Where are the investors going ? - Worst Scenario of Retail Investors The face of every investor in the Stock Market reveals different opinions or options. We, everyone knows the Stock market is generally subject to the Volatility. From the Father of Value Investing Mr. Benjamin Graham to the Biggest Investor and Wealthy man Mr. Warren Buffet, they are done the Fundamental Analysis for the Stock picking. In the Indian Stock Market, there are few more listed companies went and going bankrupt. Brand names like Essar, IL & FS, RCOM had went in Debt crisis. Now, in the airline industry, the Jet Airways which is struggling to run its core business. The Founder was expelled, the airline company were controlled by the banks on Debt, The salary and the future of its employees happening all around. Jet Airways had announced its last four quarterly results with a negative income (Net loss). As of March 2019, the fourth quarter is yet to be declared.  The Share holding pattern were also downgr

Wipro Buyback - Benefits of Buyback of Shares

Wipro Buyback - Benefits of Buyback of Shares Last Friday (16-04-2019), the Public listed IT firm WIPRO announced its Quarterly results (Q4FY19) and moreover the newsletter about Buyback of Shares. This is the second time in the last 20 months that the company announced for the Buyback of Shares. On Friday, the shares of WIPRO went down about 2 percent, after the news of WIPRO employees' accounts may have been hacked. The Board of directors of the company approved a proposal to buyback shares up to 5.35 percent of the Total Paid up equity share capital, which is about 32.30 Crore shares. There is an aggregate amount not exceeding of Rs. 10,500 Crore for the buyback and the record date will be announced later. It is noteworthy that WIPRO had said it will buy the shares at a price of Rs. 325/ per share through Tender Offer. Where the retail investors were holding the WIPRO shares reasonably, and it would be said that about 90 percent of the shares will be buyback. Currently the Share

Q4FY19 Results of Tech Giants - TCS and Infosys

Q4FY19 Results of Tech Giants - TCS and Infosys Nowadays is the earnings period while the fourth quarter (Q4FY19) results are coming. Recently the two Tech Giants were released their last Quarterly results for the Financial year 2018-19. Results of the listed companies are the most important for any investor. Not only the quarterly results were releasing now, it is also a whole financial year report for the 2018-19. The number one, Tech Giant TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) were announced its Q4 results last Friday after the market hours. The Company's revenue were seen at Rs. 38,010 Crore and the Net profit was Rs. 8126 Crore. Where the another Tech Giant Infy (Infosys) released its fourth quarterly results on the same day, the Revenue stood at Rs. 21,539 Crore and the net profit at Rs. 4074 Crore. The Company's expenditure and Operating profit were stood at Rs. 16,390 Crore and Rs. 5,149 Crore respectively. The Year on Year (YoY) Sales growth for the Infosys told as 19 percen

Auto Sales in India for FY 2018-19

Auto Sales in India for FY 2018-19 India's automobile industry sales volume is not up to the mark in the last year 2018, as the sales have fallen to a low level in the fiscal year 2018-19. It is also noted that the sales for the last year, which was seen as the lowest in the last five years in India. The reason for the lowest sales is mainly due to higher cost in Insurance, rose of Fuel prices, very few sales in the Festive season and the flood in Kerala last year have affected the volume in the last year. Domestic Passenger vehicle have reached in a Single digit growth. It was seen as 2.7 percent growth in the last fiscal year. Sale of Commercial vehicle s in the current financial year are estimated at 10 percent and on Two wheeler were said to reach 5 to 7 percent in this current year. With the increasing cost in the Raw material, the Car manufacturers were also hiked the prices by 2 to 5 percent in the Vehicle, last January 2019. Although the last year's sales volume were s

FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019 Last month, March 2019 - The Indian Stock Market was hugely focused by the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII). In the month of March, the FII had bought net purchase of Rs. 32,371 Crore and on the other side, the Domestic Institutional Investors(DII) had a net sales of Rs. 13,930 Crore in the equity market. The Indian Stock Market had a very much boost in the recent weeks. The reason for the rise in the market were No changes in the US Fed rate, Dollar-Rupee trade, Crude oil prices and most importantly the election situation in India. There are 19 trading days in the month of March, where the FII bought shares on all trading days except the day of March 29,2019. At the same time, the Domestic investors were the net sellers for the most of the days, except in the four trading days - March 1, 25, 27 and 29. Foreign Investors bought shares worth Rs. 4,323 Crore in a single trading day on 15th March. Where the DII had a highest positive purchase

25 Years of Historical Data for the Foreign Institutional Investors / FPIs in the Indian Market

25 Years of Historical Data for the Foreign Institutional Investors / FPIs in the Indian Market Foreign Institutional Investors' (FIIs) equity participation in the Indian Stock Market is increasing day by day. FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) / FIIs  have increased their investments substantially in the month of March 2019. Although the Domestic Institutional Investors have made their profits in the equity market through Mutual Funds and Financial Institutions, where the FII had a strong come back on its investments in India. The Bank Nifty and the banking sector had also increased more than 20 percent from the mid of February to March end 2019. This is happened due to the weightage of Foreign Investors. Still, the Automobile, Mid cap and small cap have the opportunity to raise its side in the upcoming days. In the month of March 2019, the FIIs investments were large as compared to the previous month - February 2019. On that period, the FIIs were the net buyers and the DII stood a

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes from April 2019

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes from April 2019 The Ministry of Finance announcing its interest rates for Small Savings Scheme once in three months. If there is any change in the interest rate, they are applicable only for a period of three months. Recently, the Ministry of Finance said in its statement that there is no change in the rates for the period of April - June 2019, and the same interest rates in the last quarter will continue now. The Current interest rate changes were announced for the Period April to June, is for the first quarter of the Financial Year 2019-20 (Q1FY20). Last time, there is a slight change in the interest rates for the small savings Term Deposit Scheme. For the Quarter of January to March 2019, there is 7 percent rate for the one year term deposit. As it was seen earlier with 6.9 percent in the October - December 2018 period. For the 3 years Term Deposit scheme, the interest rate was seen as 7.20 percent in the Q3FY19 and then it was reduced in the