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The Origin behavior of Society

The Origin behavior of Society   In the world last evolved animal is Human being, but the last evolved animal is endangering to ancestors of the world i.e. other animals. Genetically modification is still happens in all animals, but not in human. Because all animals were still surviving even though human create more problems to them like Deforestation, Greenhouse gases, climatic change, solar changes. Nowadays, the earth face more environmental changes but it affects more humans comparing to animals. The lifespan of the animals are same not changed, because they living in natural environmental condition. Human beings are struggling to live with their new technology. We ever notice that infertility rate is high among human beings compared to animals. What it indicates ?  New technology development brings infertility to human beings. Uncivilized animal become civilized, i.e. Human. Modification occurs in animal and also in the earth. Changes bring development to human, but destruction

Factors which decides on your Investment Decision

Factors which decides on your Investment Decision   “ ……… are subject to market risks . Please read the offer document carefully before investing . ”   Everyone knows about the Market risk on their investments and try accordingly. But, in an open space, most of us manipulating the term, "Risk". We know that Insurance is not an investment, it just protects our wealth. Still, we are making a wrong decision on Insurance, on behalf of Investments. We are telling ourselves that we don't have a time to read the offer document carefully, but not really caring itself before or after Investments. Still, it's everyone's choice to making a decision on their own. There are few factors that may help you to get into the Investment Decision making, with carefully. It takes with the four important factors are: Needs Goals Time Returns If you need to buy a home, then your goal may be a XYZ worth home and plan to acquire in the next 10 years and how could enjoy with yo

3 Things to know for the Early Retirement Formula

3 Things to know for the Early Retirement Formula   Nowadays the word, "Trending" is becoming a trend today. In a similar fashion, 'Retire Early' is a word to get excited most of the young today. Obviously everyone in the modern life wants to live their way or like an Independent. For the early retirement, one needs a reason and stick with their personal life. The reason may become an Entrepreneur or Live as Life;Live as like. But, the numbers are different on age to the retirement determination. Generally, Retirement planning describes itself and based on some common factors to decide. The Factors are, Current Age Expecting Retirement Age Annual Income Monthly / Yearly expenses Current Savings and Investing Expected ROI (Return on Investment) Inflation Even for the early retirement one should be aware about the financial numbers they had, called Financial Assets like Cash Flow and the inflation depending upon the age of retire early. Professor, D

PASSION CASTLE: I am going to Build a Castle

PASSION CASTLE:    I m going to Build a Castle   We all have friends like Childhood friends, High School friends, College buddies, Work place pals, etc. But, among the all types of friends, only few become close to us. Why ? Because they all have the same wave length of thinking, ideas, views, feelings,etc. But, we could not remember when was the first meet or starting point of the friendship. Bonding between the persons is like Magic . It will not happen with the anyone. Only, it happens between bonding peoples met together. So, only few people have closest bonding with someone, not with all. It’s applicable to our passion team too. We know about the team work value. When games like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Even in family also, team work is very important. For a game, to attain the victory, team member’s coordination is very important. In family, couples’ coordination is important to lead a better life. If, we notice that in all games, Star player is always there. Star players

India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy

India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy   The Fourth Quarter of GDP India recently reported by the Ministry of Statistics, grew at 7.7 percent as compared to the previous quarter of 7 percent, is a better one for the country. The 7.7 percent declared as India's GDP for the January - March 2018 and the last quarter of the FY 2017-18. Earlier the Government of India and Statistical Analyst predicted below the actual report, but it beats the estimate of the GDP concerned. As compared to the China's last quarter of Financial year 2017-18, India were just ahead of China's Gross Domestic Product stood at 6.8 percent. The First three quarters of GDP were at 5.6 percent, 6.3 percent and 7 percent respectively. So for that, the recent GDP result is a better view on a growing economy. The GDP growth mostly comes from the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. For the FY 2017-18, the GDP of India grew at 6.7 percent , but it still went down from the previou