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India's Retail Inflation revised to 5.84 Percent in March 2020

India's Retail Inflation revised to 5.84 Percent in March 2020 Inflation in India can be calculated in Two ways - Consumer Price Index (Retail) and Whole sale price Index. The CPI Retail inflation was said to be as revised to 5.84 Percent for the month of March 2020. It is noteworthy that the inflation in January 2020, was 7.59 Percent. Now, it seems declined, but it it more than Central Bank's expectation. we have to analyze the numbers during Lock down and Post Lock down session. The Central Statistics office has so far taken more data related on prices from the Rural and Urban areas. Since 19th March, 2020 it was suspended due to Covid-19 Lock down. The Inflation for the month of April 2020 has not been released. Instead, the March inflation was revised there. PM's recent speech hinted that there could be a fourth Lock down (Lock down 4.0), while the businesses may run with some restrictions. Prime Minister were also said about there is a stimulus to boost the current ec

GDP and Inflation in India - Thumbnail View

GDP and Inflation in India - Thumbnail View GDP and Inflation are subject to change at different times in Different Countries. These two are the main economic factors for any country. Inflation is nothing but a rising prices of Essential Commodities and a decline in the purchasing value of money. In a nutshell, if the price of essential commodities is going up, then we will say that the prices are Rising - It's Inflation. There are other two things called Deflation and Stagflation. Deflation happens, when the commodity prices are going negative, which is seen as very cheap. The value of Deflation is under Zero. While this may cause to Unemployment and Poor wages. The reason is that the commodities are not getting the Right price. Stagflation is like a Stagnating, a combination of Rising Unemployment, High Inflation and there is a slow down. On the other hand, Gross Domestic Product is the Total value of Goods and Services produced by a country over a period of time. It is usually c

Macro Economic Policy - A brief explanation

Macro Economic Policy - A brief explanation   The Economic policy is the term supported to explain the Government's policy on Budget, Taxes, the supply of money, interest rates on monetary view, Employment status of a country. The Government's purpose is to stable the inflation and need for long term economic growth. As simple, how the country manages its income and expenditure.   The Economic policy Classified into two, Micro Economics Macro Economics   Micro Economics:   It tells the economics of an individual, group or a companies. The main intention for this policy, to analyse the demand and supply for the production of an individual or a business level.   Macro Economics:   It describes the economic policy of whole or all like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Industrial production, Inflation, Current Deficit, Employment or unemployment statistics, the import and export data.   The Macro Economic Policy:   As we know that the micro economics describe about the individ

Inflation India - Data - 10 Years (2008-2017)

Inflation India - Data - 10 Years (2008-2017)   ' Inflation ' - the word is much more concern anywhere in the world. As a part of the economy, the inflation decides the price of any good or services. It predominantly needs for the government with their production and correlated with the Gross Domestic production (GDP). In our country, the inflation has ups and downs and with an average of 6 - 7 % for the last few years. So, while we are planning for our Financial goals like Education, Retirement planning - it's so important to move for the future. Financial Goals are stick with the inflation and that is the reason for entering the stock market to reach our goals at good. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also keenly watching the inflation data or statistics according to Interest Rate cuts. The Bank interest also down in the recent, as inflation matters. Today's 100 rupee is not a worth it be in the next year or after 10 years. So, we just given the inflation da

The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream - Inflation

The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream -  INFLATION Can anyone tell, ' Why your dreams never come true ? "  OR   Not always ? I am always start with a caution and raising questions myself. Even starting an article with a question in this blog :-) No need to worry (or) stop, but we have to ask question by ourselves, with a word, ' CAUTION '. We are having the fixed habits, but not having a flexible one.   We go for the School Education We go for Graduation We go for Job We go for Wedding We go for Kids We go for teaching the above to our kids We go for Retirement and finally, we felt bad that something we are not achieved (or) not happy with what we had / did. Why... ? On our school and graduation days, we have so many dreams and likes to get. Then, we think that we can get after our job (Day Job). But, that is the area, we don't have a flexible one. We go for a job, We Spend... Spend... Spend... on our money, not with our precious time ! The