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10 Things to prepare for a Healthy Financial Planning

10 Things to prepare for a Healthy Financial Planning Saying, 'Happy Birthday' to your friends is not the best relationship. We need to follow some things. We must share those things with our Friends - It's not only a healthy Friendship, but a Healthy Financial Planning. Here i am listing Ten Classic things that i loved. Share it with your friends if you like. You can also try to practice it in your daily life. Maintain Budget Planning Always find the good investment opportunities, but not a Ponzi Scheme :) Diversify your Investments, even Knowledge Take Proper Health and Pure Term Insurance Make use of Digital Payments, Learn to Save Tax Plan for the Retirement - It's important than your Child's Education Live Debt Free (No worries) Create Emergency Fund - Expect the unexpected events Start a Home Gardening Help others or Share your knowledge with others Life is not absolutely a beautiful thing. We are the beautiful heart to make Human