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Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Electronic or Digital Gold

 Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Electronic or Digital Gold  The history of Gold is over a thousand years. The catch on Gold is generally slightly higher on the Asian Continent. Gold is a hedging instrument against the Inflation. It is also acts as a diversified and a tool to mitigate losses in times of bad economy. It is an asset and having an intrinsic value. Generally, Gold has an inverse relationship with the USD. Gold is nominated as Central bank's Queen, where the Global debt is too high in the recent decades. When there is any uncertainty on economy or political, then the Central bank would buy more Gold on it's reserves. Historically, the Gold price in INR(Indian Rupee) has given around 990 Percent absolute returns in the past 20 years. However the yield of returns with Gold on different segment may vary. Likewise, if we invested Rs.1 Lakh in Gold instruments - Gold Bonds, Gold Funds, Gold ETF, Gold Deposit and Jewelry. The yield may be different post charges and

Physical Gold vs Gold ETF - A better comparison on Investment

Physical Gold vs Gold ETF - A better comparison on Investment Which is a better Investment - Physical Gold or Gold ETF ? The prices of gold varies day by day due to the import on Dollar-Rupee conversion. As gold prices were increased in the last year and the demand for Gold was increased in the face of Festival Seasons. Last January, the Import of Gold in India were at 46 Tonnes. This is 64 percent growth on gold import as compared to the Previous year's January 2018. In the year of 2013, the gold price rose by Rs. 35,074 per 10 grams in the Benchmark Gold Futures of Bombay Stock Exchange. On February 2013, the gold price of 10 grams was traded at Rs. 33,646 /-. It is noteworthy that the price is currently trading at the same rate. The reason for increase in the Gold prices in India, due to the domestic demand and related to the import on Dollar value. Generally, the import of Gold will increase the Fiscal deficit for a Country. As far as the Government is also concerned to decrea